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As little as one hundred years ago people were much more physically active on a daily basis than we are today. With modern technology and automation there is little opportunity to do anything remotely resembling vigorous activity either at our work or at home. We sit most of the time, in our cars, at our job and back at home maintaining our addiction to a screen of some kind in our leisure time.

Our adaptable human bodies can cope with this sedentary behavior when we are young but once we get past 30 years old we will some start to notice the repercussions of our inactiveness. Regular vigorous activity is critical throughout our life to keep our body and mind functioning at a high enough level to give us a reasonable quality of life.

There is no getting around it, without exercise all of the essential elements of functional fitness will decline. As the years pass and we continue to live like this activities that were once easy start to become harder and more difficult so we are less likely to continue doing them.

This is the start of a downward spiral of increasing less activity and an increasing loss of physical function that can stretch for years (or decades) continuing until disability sets in.

This situation stems from the loss of vital muscle tissue after age 30 which is accelerated by not enough strength building and maintaining activity. Our lifestyles do not have any of this type of ‘work’ left in them to keep us strong and fit.

Muscle loss caused by a sedentary or inactive lifestyle opens the door for a host of other physical conditions and ailments with the immune system weakening so we become vulnerable to the risk of serious disease.

It is hard to believe that anyone knowing these facts would continue down the same path of inactivity either ignoring or denying the mountain of evidence proving that our bodies need the stimulation of vigorous movement to remain strong and healthy. It costs so much less to stay strong and fit in money, time and effort terms than it does treat and manage illnesses and disease brought on by not living a healthy lifestyle.

Maybe we need to stop focusing on just the present, just getting through the day, then the week but instead we need to consider how our exercise decisions today and tomorrow will affect us down the road. Surely a strong, fit, fully functional body that doesn’t hurt and can cope with any activity that we wish to do would be a good goal to aim for.

That can easily be achieved with a couple of sessions each week of a proper exercise program made up of mainly strength training exercise. This is the only type of exercise that will slow accelerated aging and premature and preventable disease.

Forget misleading information that says you just need to go for a walk and that is enough. Come on now, we all have legs and we all walk. This is not a proper exercise program and never ever can replace one.

The many benefits that you will enjoy as you become stronger and fitter are ? better sleep, stress reduction, easier weight control and sharper mental functioning. In all the quality of your life will be greatly improved along with your general wellbeing in many other ways. You will also have the protection of a reduced disease risk.

Strength training exercise is a risk free anti-depressant, guaranteed to lift the spirits and put a smile on your face as you watch your strength and muscle tone grow and your energy levels soar. Your body weak and flabby from all that sitting will become firm, lean and trim.

Never let your strength and fitness slip as you get busy with your life as they are essential to your good health. And good health should be at the top of the list of priorities so you can get the most enjoyment out of our precious one and only life.

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