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Yoga is a philosophy and spiritual practice derived from Hindu theism, its aim is to suppress all activities of the mind and body, and separate them from one another to achieve liberation.  In simpler terms, Yoga makes people feel better while loosing weight. It improves the posture, breathing, etc. Other than its physical effect, Yoga has proven to be a powerful tool in managing or controlling anxiety, back pain, blood pressure, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, headache, stress, and heart disease. Needless to say, it’s worth trying.

Most people try Yoga to improve their muscle tone, stamina, flexibility, and strength; but some do it to reduce stress and tension, improve circulation, and lower fat. Whatever the reason, it leads to one ultimate goal and that is to improve their appearance.

Yoga is defined as “union” in the classical Indian language. Based on the principles of the original yogis; practicing Yoga helps a person to achieve true happiness, enlightenment, and liberation. It was designed to take away the negative factors that make people unhappy or grouchy in their every day lives. In effect, people are placed in a position to better manage their reactions, emotions, and responses when dealing with everyday stress and problems.

The following are basic yoga practices that must be done on a daily basis:

1.    Sun Salutations.

People who are too busy to exercise can spend only a few minutes performing this ritual. It stimulates the muscles and joints. It is a series of 12 non-stop poses that go together with proper breathing. This may be done twice a day or more.

2.    Breath Control.

This is the most popular part of Yoga. It is done by sitting erect in the place chosen by the person for Yoga meditation alone. It is usually a place that is free from noise and preferably close to nature.

3.    Meditation.

Refers to mentally repeating ‘So” and “Ham” with every inhale and exhale respectively. It is one of the simplest practices in Yoga and works for everyone.

4.    Sun Salutation, Breath control, and Meditation combined.

Combining these simple practices is great for beginners. This can be done for at least 3 minutes every morning or late afternoon. Doing this regularly can naturally expand the Yoga practices.

Perhaps losing weight and attaining inner peace is the most sensible goal a person can achieve. It not only guarantees a positive aura and great appearance, it also offers psychological benefits that cause people to feel good about themselves.

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