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The results you get from a colon cleansing can depend on a lot of factors. What you use, how you use it, and how often are all important determinants for your colon cleansing results.

If you decide to take the simple approach and use an enema to clean your colon, your results aren’t going to be that thorough. An enema only reaches the lower one-third of the digestive tract and there is a limited amount of solution used for one application. Enemas may be all that is needed before a medical procedure, such as a colonoscopy, but they don’t produce the best colon cleansing results.

Colonic irrigation is used in a professional setting where the individual doesn’t have to perform the procedure themselves. It provides less privacy than an at-home method, but it doesn’t offer more safety since a professional is monitoring you at all times. It does cost a lot more than using your own colon cleansing system and it is up to the individual as to whether the needs they have are satisfied by the colon cleansing results. The procedure involves using sterilized water which is pumped directly into the rectum under low pressure to wash out the colon. The procedure lasts up to two hours, depending on the individual, and it has a short recovery period. It doesn’t, however, cleanse the toxins from the entire body.

Using a colon cleansing kit will give you more or less, depending on the one you choose. These, too, may be targeted at cleansing only the colon or they may contain products that also clean toxins from the kidneys and liver, kill parasites, replace the good bacteria the body needs after cleansing, and give explicit instructions on how and when to perform a cleansing. Choosing a kit that provides the whole range of ingredients will provide you with better colon cleansing results.

One of the most effective systems you can use is a colon cleansing fast. This type of fast usually lasts from a week to a month or more. During this time, you are discouraged from eating any solid food so that your body can eliminate the old waste and toxins from your body without having to worry with the new food you would normally be consuming.  Although this is called a fast, it does involve drinking more than water. You should still be taking the supplements you need to flush out the waste and toxins, as well as the nutrients your body isn’t getting. This type of colon cleansing results in an all-over cleaner and healthier body.

The Best Colon Cleansing Results You Can Expect

You may not even know what to expect from a colon cleansing when you use one. According to many who have, they pass waste out of their bodies unlike anything they’ve ever seen before. Afterwards, they experience a feeling of overall well-being. Any improvements that you can see are good colon cleansing results.

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