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In general, “Reiki” is nothing but the existence of the universal life force energy.It’s your own energy that you can draw from the universe.

To be more precise, when you want to achieve a particular goal,the manifestation of your desires happen when your energy is equal to the energy required to manifest your goal.For eg:consider filling of fuel to your car.Your car has the potential to run faster and smoother.The efficiency of your car depends upon the amount and the quality of the fuel that’s filled.

Similarly,in our discussion,the fuel can be compared to the universal life force energy which is always infinitely available.All you need to do is to tune in to that frequency where you can draw your own energy from the Universe.And based upon your consistency the time taken by you to draw this energy from the universe and manifest your dreams becomes shorter and shorter.

Anybody can learn reiki.There are different levels in reiki viz-a-viz Reiki Level 1 to becoming a grand master.In the process the grand master who teaches the technique to you through a small course, will “initiate” you.Initiation is the process of making you a channel of “Reiki”.Now right after the initiation you become a channel for healing.

Reiki can be used to heal anything or anybody that exists in the universe.You can heal a disease,an injury, can be channeled to electronics or anything that malfunctions.Reiki can be channeled to heal your intentions,say,getting good marks in the examinations,getting a pay hike,changing your house etc;

By channeling reiki energy to the seven basic chakras viz-viz 1.Root chakra,2.Hara or sexual chakra,3.Solar plexus,4.Heart chakra,5.throat chakra,6.forehead chakra,7.Crown chakra(this chakra is open to god, and so, you need not heal this chakra)reiki can be channeled to yourself by passing the energy to your basic chakras and finishing it by a balancing act.If this is done regularly your energy will shift tremendously and you will be able to manifest  at greater levels.

The uniqueness about reiki is that whether you believe it or not, it works.

pl note:I shall post more about the chakras for your reference in my future articles.

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