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Acai berry juice, one of the hottest products in the universe, got to be so popular due to the amazing amount of vitamins, minerals, nutrients, disease fighting and anti-aging substances within the smaller than a grape sized berry. While there are many different benefits for your body after drinking acai berry juice, one of the key standout qualities is the unique taste that accompanies it.

By the time the Western world gets their hands on an acai berry product, it’s typically in the form of juice, powder, capsulated, or something similar, and that’s only because once the acai berry is picked from the tree, it will spoil within 24 hours unless you convert it into another form (and converting it still maintains nearly 100% of its nutritional value). Whether you drink acai berry juice, or perhaps even take the acai berry capsules, there are a host of benefits to your body, five of which will be mentioned below.

1. Digestive Health – One of the most overlooked, yet key components to the bodies makeup is the digestive system. When your digestive system isn’t working right, you’ll know it. One of the easiest ways to maintain proper digestive health is to make sure you’re taking in enough fiber. Acai berries contain a very large amount of fiber (considering the size of the berry), so including acai products in your diet will leave you feeling a lot better.

2. Anti-Aging – Since the acai berry contains such a large amount of antioxidant power (which fight off free radicals in the body), the acai berry is starting to become very well known for its anti-aging properties. Anti-aging covers a lot of things, but one of the standout factors of aging is wrinkles. Cosmetic powerhouses around the world are experimenting with acai berries due to their natural anti-wrinkle benefits.

3. Alertness – While the claims aren’t actually scientific (yet), acai berries have been noted by many people around the world to increase mental clarity and overall alert levels. This might be attributed to the well known fact that acai berries can improve sleep problems, which affect many people, and a better night of sleep will always make your mind much sharper.

4. Vitamins/Minerals – It’s not out of the realm of possibility to say that taking daily acai supplements could substitute for the daily vitamin you currently take. For a berry the size of an average cherry, acai berries contain a ton of vitamins and minerals, all of which our bodies crave and need. Everything from A to E, and many essential metals (copper, zinc, etc…) are contained within this berry, making it a nutritional powerhouse.

5. Weight Loss – Perhaps one the most popular and widely talked about benefits of acai is the potential for extra weight loss. While the acai berry doesn’t directly affect fat burning (although some claim it does), the combined scientific facts such as extra fiber, vitamins, antioxidants, and everything else that the berry contains will boost your stamina and helps increase all of your bodies natural systems (cardiovascular, digestive, etc..). In turn, metabolism is increased, which when that happens, it’s a well known fact that more calories are burned, thus leading to extra weight loss.

It’s no mystery that more studies of the acai berry will be conducted over the coming years and who knows what researchers will uncover in the process. But there is absolutely no denying that acai berries are one damn healthy piece of fruit, and you might as well start consuming acai products while you can still find them!

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