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There are a great many products to choose from when you decide to perform a colon cleansing. Individual products are available as well as kits that contain everything you need. You can go to a spa or clinic to have the procedure performed for you or do it yourself from home. If you decide to perform a homemade colon cleanse, then you should know the right ingredients to use.

Always Use Fiber in Any Colon Cleanse

The primary ingredient in any type of colon cleanse is always fiber. This is what the colon normally uses to expel waste efficiently and it is what will push waste through your body when you need to eliminate build-up. The most popular ingredient used for this purpose in many colon cleanse products is Psyllium. Psyllium comes from a plant and you can purchase it separately to use in your homemade colon cleanse. Any fiber supplements you can get may come as a pill or capsule, a powder that you mix with water, or as a tea. It doesn’t matter which form your supplements are in as long as you use fiber as the main ingredient.

For a truly healthy and effective colon cleanse, consider using the method that will help get your colon clean and performing on its own. Eating foods that are high in fiber, such as whole grains, raw fruits and vegetables, will give your colon what it needs to perform every day and keep your digestion on tract. Performing a colon cleanse requires a commitment of a few days to a month or more of being close by the bathroom to rid yourself of waste and toxins. Performing a homemade colon cleanse that incorporates high fiber foods into your diet requires a permanent commitment to improve your eating habits during which time you will feel more energetic and healthier. Which one really makes the most sense?

Use a Homemade Colon Cleanse to Get the Bugs Out

A homemade colon cleanse should have an ingredient to kill parasites. As many as fifty percent of the people in the US may be infested with at least one type of parasite. Many of these parasites live and thrive in the human digestive tract. Microscopic to several feet in size, some of these can lead to serious health problems. If you are going to perform a homemade colon cleanse, make sure you eliminate any possible parasites in the process.

A detoxifying agent may be used in your homemade colon cleanse if you want a more thorough cleansing than just the digestive tract. These ingredients will remove excess toxins from the bloodstream, kidneys, and liver so that all your organs can function better at removing the normal contaminants in your body.

Probiotics should be used after the homemade colon cleanse. By the time the cleanse is complete, the good bacteria that lives in the digestive tract has probably been washed out. Your body needs this bacteria to properly digest your food. Probiotics will help restore your natural gut flora.

These are the basic ingredients you can get to perform a homemade colon cleanse. Make sure when choosing individual ingredients that you look for quality in each one since each plays an important role in the homemade colon cleanse.

Use a Homemade colon cleanse to Get the Bugs Out. For more information about colon cleaners visit our site.

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