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Does Reiki work on Electronics?

In my personal experience, YES!

Shortly after getting attuned to Reiki, I was asked to cat sit for a friend of mine.

It was a nice hi-rise apartment in a not so nice section of town. 

She had recently moved in so the unit was sparsely decorated, but she did have a big TV. It was during hurricane season and a big one was about to hit Florida, I was hoping to be able to catch the news!

She had warned me that the television remote didn’t work and it was one of those sets that you have to use the remote to turn it on.

Well, I arrived at her place and after feeding the cat and playing with her for a while, I sat back on the couch and grabbed the remote. 


Nothing happened. 

Click. Click. Click.

“Oh well, no TV for me”, I thought to myself. 

I put down the remote. 

I put on a little peaceful music and started thinking about Reiki.

The mere thought was making the energy come alive!

I decided to try Reiki on the remote control.

I figured that it couldn’t possible make things worse.

I held the remote in my hands with my fingers closed. One hand on the bottom and the other hand mimicking the position of the first got laid upon the top of the remote.

I closed my eyes and held the device.

Within a few minutes I had fallen asleep!

When I awoke I saw that I was still holding the remote control for the television.

I remembered the Reiki I had been doing and pointed it at the television.


On came the TV!


It went off!

Click, back on!

I was amazed! 

As far as I know, til this day that remote control is still working!

When my friend got back from her trip, she was shocked, she thought that I had gone out and bought a new remote for her and insisted on paying me for it!

I told her I had used Reiki on it and she immediately understood… and then wondered why she didn’t use the Reiki on it herself as she was a practitioner herself

This was just one little example that showed me how powerful and unlimited Reiki energy can be.

Becoming attuned to Reiki Energy is attainable by anyone and can be a life changing experience.

Weekend Seminars are nice, but there is a great home study course available on line that I highly recommend!

It is called the Essence Of Reiki!

The weekend seminars are over after the weekend but this course stays with you long after!

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Tyzarm Klard Usui Reiki Master, MetaPhysician, Ordained Minister and a firm
believer that you can learn and do anything that you put your mind to!
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