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The benefits of doing Yoga are three-fold. Not only do you get a leaner, more toned figure, and increased flexibility, but yoga also helps with the heart and the mind. Some may not realize it but it’s a common myth that’s true, mind and body go hand in hand. For those of you who want to get back on your Patio Dining Set, and live a more healthy, more relaxed life, yoga is just the thing for you. This is one of the best ways to get rid of all that unwanted stress in your body.

The practice of yoga can be carried out through hundreds of different exercises. One common technique is called Anuloma Viloma. This is when a person breathes through one nostril, calming the mind and the nervous system. Alternating between both nostrils ultimately helps one side of the brain make connections with the other, thus allowing neurons to freely move about. Though exercises such as this, one can begin to think more freely. There is a positive balance between the creative and logical side of one’s brain. This allows us to confront our anxiety head on and think about more peaceful things. It’s a very simple trick to diverting our stress.

By means of stabilizing one’s nervous system, yoga positively acts as stress management. By doing these types of exercises, we allow our bodys to reach a more reasonable sense of control. Overall, this can definitely give someone a better optimism and appreciation for the things around them. A heightened awareness level reduces any kind of anger or instability and usually one shows signs of being more sociable. Basically, doing yoga can help someone reach a more positive outlook on life.

As you can see, yoga not only gives us better flexibility, increased stamina, toned muscles, and a stable heart rate, but the practice of yoga can also transform us mentally.

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