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Pregnant women are especially susceptible to hemorrhoids because of the extra strain, and added weight. If a pregnant woman has had hemorrhoids before the chances of a recurrence are very likely. The hemorrhoids may show up during the second trimester when you are pushing.

Hemorrhoids Are a Common Occurrence during Pregnancy

Hemorrhoids are common during pregnancy because of the increased pressure and added weight. Usually they don’t appear until later in the pregnancy when the baby is pushing internal organs around and placing pressure on the bladder and rectum. This pressure will cause blood flow to slow down and create pressure within the veins causing them to swell and bulge.

Along with the pressure the baby is placing on the woman, harder bowel movements, or constipation, will also lead to hemorrhoids.

Hemorrhoid Relief during Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a time of stress, sickness, and emotional highs and lows. The last thing a pregnant woman wants to deal with is hemorrhoids. The good thing about having hemorrhoids; while pregnant is that they usually go away after giving birth because all the stress and strain is taken off the rectum area allowing the veins to go back to normal. But, during the pregnancy hemorrhoid relief is something that needs to be looked into.

It is important for pregnant women to choose the right hemorrhoid relief as medication can hurt the unborn baby. Natural remedies can help with relief and help safeguard the baby.

Apply Ice Packs

Placing a cold pack, wrapped in a soft cloth, a few times each day to the hemorrhoid can help bring the swelling down and soothe the burning and itching.

Soak In a Sitz Bath

A Sitz bath is exactly what is says. You soak in a small basin where your buttocks are immersed in warm, salty water. Soak for 15 minutes, two to three times a day and dry off with a soft towel by dabbing the area and not wiping. Make sure you dry the anal area completely so as not to leave moisture to irritate and cause itching.

Apply Aloe Vera Cream

Aloe Vera is a natural disinfectant and pain reducer from the Aloe plant. Take a few leaves and crush into a pulp. Apply this directly to the hemorrhoid for a cooling sensation and pain reduction.

Clean After Bowel Movements

One of the best ways to make sure that hemorrhoid pain doesn’t get any worse is to take a little extra time to clean after every bowel movement. Use soft toilet paper and dab instead of wiping. Try, as much as possible, to stay away from wipes or moist towelettes as they tend to create more irritation by leaving the area wet instead of dry.

Hemorrhoids while pregnant can be one more added concern, but with these natural remedies you can find relief while pregnant with hemorrhoids.

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