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Oregano oil is a natural remedy that fights against infections. It strengthens the immune system of the body. Medicals studies suggest that oregano cures several ailments. It is popularly used as a cure for bladder infections. It kills the bacterium and flushes it out of the urinary tract. It is frequently used in food items to add taste.

However, excess consumption of the essential oil can show certain side effects like burning sensation, toxicity and die off symptoms. The patient may show symptoms of extreme fatigue, dizziness, nausea, headache etc. It leads to severe irritation, if applied directly on the genital parts. So, make sure that you add coconut or olive oil to the oregano solution.

The fresh oregano oil is a very strong herb that has ability to cause side-effects. It can show adverse effects on the body. Hence, you should purchase adulterated solution to avoid harsh symptoms. Adding excess oils to the oregano solution decreases its performance and prevents severe ailments.

Hence, pregnant women are asked to avoid oregano oil. It is beneficial to consult a medical practitioner before adopting the natural remedy. Small children are also kept away from the natural oil. They are asked to avoid direct consumption of oregano supplements. However, you can prepare a diluted solution and apply it on the soles of the feet for absorption inside the body.

This natural remedy should be consumed in small proportions. You can increase the dosage slowly, if your body doesn’t show any ailments. However, remember to consume a glass full of water after the medication. This flushes the excess pathogens from the human body. You can also purchase oregano capsules, if you don’t like to consume it directly.

So, consume oregano oil with certain precautions so that it doesn’t lead to any side effects on your body.

Robert Henry is connoisseur in the field of medication. He has been writing some amazing articles on oregano oil, symptoms and cures of the bladder infections. His knowledgeable articles have brought amazing changes in the lives of several individuals.

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