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In this article, we will discuss how caste berry tree effects women with PMS.

I. Definition Chaste berry tree is a very important herb, it has been used as medication since ancient Greek for menstrual disorder including lack of ovulation. absence of period and heavy period. Today the herb is well known for treating symptoms of hormone imbalance.

II. How chaste berry tree effects women with premenstrual syndrome It hard to believe that chaste beery tree contains no plant estrogen but has been effectively used in treating premenstrual syndrome because of the following properties

1. Iridoid Chaste beery tree contains iridoid including aucubin and agnuside which are often intermediates in the bio synthesis of alkaloid. It helps to improve immune system fighting against inflammation and helps to prevent muscle spam resulting in lessening menstrual pain and cramps.

2. Androstenedione Androstenedione is the common precursor of male and female sex hormone produced by adrenal gland, chaste berry tree contains androstenedione which not only helps to bind the levels of bad estrogen but also balance the levels of testosterone in the women body resulting in lessening the male pattern for some women with PMS.

3. Essential oil Chaste berry tree contains cineol, pinene, castine and other substances, it helps to relax the nervous system and muscle that helps to reduce symptoms of nervous tension such as anxiety depression, menstrual pain and cramps caused by over active uterus muscle. It also helps to increase liver function for over all health.

4. Alkaloid As an alkaloid, it helps to reduce the symptoms of breast tenderness and breast pain caused over production of prolaction before and after ovulation.

5. Progesterone The chaste berry tree helps to inhibit if the levels of progesterone if it is too high or raise the levels of progesterone if it is too low, thereby, reducing the risk of hormone imbalance between estrogen and progesterone.

6. Testosterone Since the pant contains epitestosterone which is is a natural steroid, an inactive epimer of the hormone testosterone. it helps to lower the levels of testosterone resulting in reducing the sexual desire as it has been used in ancient Greeks and Romans as well as by medieval monks to lower sexual desire. If the levels of testosterone is too low, chaste berry tree helps to raise it, thereby, increasing the sexual desire for some women with PMS.

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