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Do you feel tired when you sit in your office for a long time? If so, now let us do the actions about Yoga for a while. It will not waste your work time, and it can not only realize yourself but to shape your body.
Prop: desk, chair
Time: as long as opening a website or answering a call or drinking a cup of tea.
Function: Relieve headache and cervical and leg limp or others. One important—shape your body
Step 1, relax your spine
Put the chair steadily, stand on the floor with your left leg and the right leg which show 90 posture steps on the chair. Straight up your back and put your left hand on the right knee. Turn your cervical slowly, look back when your lumbar turn right. Keep this action for 30 second and do it for 3-5times alternately.
Step 2, relax your muscle of your back
You should straight up your legs as wide as your shoulders, and cross your hands in your back, then open and backward your shoulders to the limit of your own for 10-15 second.
Step 3, exercise your lumbar
Hold the back of chair and press your body with your straight legs until your body and leg become 90 degree, and your eyes look forward and keep this pose for 15-30 second.
Step 4, sit on your chair straightly and let your right hand touch your left shoulder from your back, and your left hand hung up your right elbow then make a deep breath. You can keep this pose for 15-30 second and alternated for twice. This can realize your “mouse hand”.
Step 5, stand on the floor straightly and hold your chair with right hand, then hand up your left hand and drive your body press to right, at the same time you should have a deep breath for 15 second and alternate it for twice.
It is very for you and me to do office Yoga. There is no need to the special place and it will not disturb others. You can try it at your leisure time and you will gain many benefits from this way.

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