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Many people believe they have become overweight because they have a slow metabolism (the body’s engine). While it is certainly true that some people are simply born with faster metabolisms even if you believe yours to be slow you can make some lifestyle changes to speed it up so you can burn off that body fat quickly.

The two main factors that relate to your metabolic rate are your activity levels and your eating plan. Because our modern day lifestyles lack muscle building and maintaining activity we need to replace it with strength training exercise. Toned muscle tissue is what drives your metabolism. So the first thing to do is to give it a tune up.

One of the challenges people face when trying to get into better physical shape and lose some weight is knowing what exercise and eating plan to follow. Without the help of a structured program many people try to wing it alone. But they do not have the motivation, the knowledge and the support that is necessary in order to make lasting changes to their lifestyle.

While the latest fad diet and obsessive exercising can give short term results, they are not realistic ways to truly bring about the long term changes to not only the body but the mind as well. It is best and fastest to use a fitness professional to help achieve this.

Speeding up your metabolism means learning how to dedicate the time and energy to a proper exercise program and it means learning not only correct exercise technique but also the correct level of intensity (degree of difficulty). If you fail to practice these two important things it is unlikely to be intense enough to stimulate and increase your metabolic rate.

Letting go of self defeating attitudes about food and dieting is an all important part of speeding up your metabolic engine. We now know restrictive dieting doesn’t work, in fact it works against your body rather than with it to achieve a slimmer body. Now it is about feeding your body with proper and nutritious foods to generate enough energy to do justice to your exercise program.

A food diet of 2100 calories for men and 1800 calories for women has been called a ‘starvation diet’ by the World Health Organization. Yet women alone have for decades been routinely eating less than 1500 calories per day while trying to lose weight. Any wonder 95% of all diets fail.

The minute food is restricted to these levels the body goes into ‘diet shock’ slamming on the brakes and slowing the metabolism to preserve fuel in an effort to avoid what it perceives as starvation. You can really only drop one or two hundred calories from your normal daily eating to remain under the radar of this ancient but fool proof ‘survival mechanism’. That way you will make long term headway into true fat loss and retain lots of vital energy so you can exercise hard to keep your metabolism cranking.

This is all the opposite of what we have been used to, but we cannot go on the way we have been. What is the definition of continuing to do what doesn’t work? Pretty silly really isn’t it? Why not use the truckloads of research and new information to get what we all really want – a strong, lean, shapely, firm, energetic body.

For those who are just beginning on the path to weight loss or for those that are simply trying to maintain their weight and tone up, it can be overwhelming to know where to start that is why a fitness professional can show you the quickest path and make sure you get the results you want.

Getting serious about your weight really means getting serious about your health. How you exercise and what you eat are the main factors that will either help you or prevent you from reaching your goals. Getting the proper tools and knowledge will ensure that you don’t fall back into defeating behaviors that lead you further away from your goals.

With the help of trained experts with a structured program you can address your nutrition, exercise, and personal goals in order to achieve total body wellness. This will keep your metabolism functioning at the highest possible level to achieve your best healthiest self.

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