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The majority of treatments today require the use of synthetic drugs and ointments. These modern remedies only take care of the problem for a little while requiring you to continue using them or going to more invasive treatments. In some cases, the users of these types of relief claim that they don’t work and, in extreme cases, say the symptoms of the hemorrhoids become worse. 

Natural hemorrhoid relief can help with relieving the pain and itching, but also carry with it added benefits like curing the hemorrhoids and even strengthening the veins in the anal area making recurring hemorrhoids less of a risk. 

Witch Hazel 

Witch Hazel is a great natural relief agent and is highly recommended by doctors in the treatment of hemorrhoids. Apply a small amount to a cotton ball and dab on to the anal area three times per day until the swelling and symptoms disappear. Witch Hazel will control the swelling and bleeding associated with hemorrhoids.  

Aloe Vera 

The Aloe Vera plant has had a long standing reputation of relieving common aches and ailments associated with sunburns, small minor cuts, and hemorrhoids. Take a small amount and crush it up into a pulp mixture. Apply directly to the affected area. The soothing cream will ease the heat, pain, and swelling of the hemorrhoid. 


Venapro is a new all natural hemorrhoid relief and treatment medication. When applied to the hemorrhoid it instantly soothes the region and leads to curing it within a short period time. 

White Oak, Bayberry, Myrrh, and Goldenseal Root 

These four natural herbs can be combined together to form a salve that can be applied directly to the area in order to aid with relief. It soothes the area and increases the drying up and lessens blood flow.  

Lady’s Mantle  

Take this herb and brew it into a warm tea. Once brewed apply it to a cotton ball and dab directly onto the hemorrhoid.  

Garlic and Potato 

Keeping the area clean is a great aid in the relief and recovery of hemorrhoids. You can do this naturally by cutting either garlic gloves or potatoes into small wedges and using them as suppositories a few times a week. This helps cleaning the area and keeping it dry with their natural cleansing properties.  

Hemorrhoids don’t have to cause you great pain and suffering. It doesn’t have to be embarrassing either to keep you from receiving treatment. You can have natural hemorrhoid relief by using these common, everyday herbs. 

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