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Latest Novice and Reiki I Graduates – 2009

During November 2009 we completed training of our latest Novice course and it was a fantastic 2 days, with everybody enjoying themselves and having a lot of fun.

The photos from the training session are now uploaded to the website via Flickr account, which you can go and see by clicking on the photo’s on the home page or alternatively just CLICK HERE NOW and you will be taken to the photos right away.

Thank you to those who volunteered to come and help on the day, and they too got to move to the next level of learning in LBSH healing modalities.

Remember if you have any questions just drop us a note and we would be more than please to hear from you.

Best wishes to all, and don’t forget to tell everybody that we will be starting again with course early in the new year.

Geoff & Paul

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