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You will often find people who wear wool socks round the year. This is because even though we tend to associate woolen socks with winter months but in reality they can be worn throughout the year. Wool socks are made of fabrics that are extremely breathable and so they will neither cause sweat nor turn into smelly abominable objects at the end of the day. Moreover synthetic socks are not good absorbers and hence your feet will remain soaked in perspiration and at the end of the day it only stink like dead fish. The wool socks are great absorbers of sweat and they keep the feet dry and so when you take them out, your feet will never be stinky.

The fibers that are used to make these wool socks have insulating properties and so they do not allow outside temperature to bother your feet. Your feet will remain cool in scorching summer months and during the wintry months your feet will be warm. That is why if you find a guy wearing socks made of woolen fiber do not assume he has gone nuts as there are some very valid reasons for wearing them.

Moreover these socks are ideal for comfort, as wool is a soft material that cushions your feet, unlike other cotton socks that make your feet sore. As sweat is absorbed by the socks, when you walk you will not feel uncomfortable and wet. Wetness is also one of the primary reasons for fungus infection which make you feel itchy and irritable.

So when you have decided that you are going to get some pairs of warm socks for yourself then you must look for particular brands. There are several renowned brands that also have designer socks for both men and women. You can buy your pairs keeping in mind the shades of office outfits that you have. You can also buy some pairs for casual wear, party wear and for gym and sports wear.

Socks are something that must compliment with your dress and especially with your trouser. Many of us make impulsive choices of socks which are of vibrant colors but they do not match either with our casual outfits or with our formal wear. You must never make the same mistake. Buy only those colors that go with your dress. Wear them in perfect synchrony with your dress and never flaunt sports socks with a formal outfit!

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