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Eye twitching is associated with many things by superstitious people; some even consider it as an ill omen. But the fact is that eye twitching is very much related to a person’s general conditions and it is usually not a very serious problem. Eye twitching is a kind of involuntary muscle movement that happens when your eyes go through prolonged periods of strain. The strain includes prolonged physical and mental stress, close distance work like working at a computer screen for too long.

These conditions can lead to your eyes getting strained and thus cause them to twitch. Usually these conditions alleviate on their own when you stop straining them and aren’t very serious unless they persist. If you have an eye twitching problem and it is persisting, you need to go see a physician or an ophthalmologist. In addition to the twitching if you experience pain or fever or if it seems to be affecting other parts of the body, then it is even more important to visit a doctor.

But most of the time you won’t even notice when it goes away, just like you did not notice when it started happening. Usually, if you find it ocurring often and it has not other complications, you can try to take some rest and get over it. Try to reduce stress, go out and relax your eyes from constant near-vision work (like computer work), and reduce the amount of alcohol or caffeine you are consuming. Sometimes, soothing eye compresses also work wonders.

Eye twitches are rarely caused by severe health problems like multiple sclerosis. It does happen, but bear in mind that they are very rare.

If the twitches occurs frequently, you should consider going in for an eye-test. Usually it is advised by ophthalmologists and doctors that adults between the age of 16 and 60 to get an eye check up every 2 years. Others who are below 16 or above 60 should get the eye check up at least annually.

You will know that you have an eye problem if you have trouble focusing on near or far objects or if you have excessive tearing, drying, pain, redness etc. If you face these symptoms, you must see an optometrist or ophthalmologist immediately.

An eye test is very easy to go through and all you have to do is follow what they doctor tells you to do. First you will go through an examination where the doctor will look inside your eyes,most commonly using an ophthalmoscope. They look for physical signs of problems like glaucoma, cataract and they also see how both your eyes are interacting together.

Next you will go through a few tests to check your vision. This too is very simple and all you have to do is sit in a chair while the doctor does a few tests and asks you if you can see properly. You will go through the usual eye-chart reading and near vision reading tests.

After you are done, you will be given a prescription, which will include the details for any prescription glasses that you might need.

Learn more about eye twitching,causes and treatment, as well as the various eye test procedures.

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