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Do you feel you are aging faster than you would like? Would you like to slow down, halt, or even reverse certain aspects of the aging process? Most of us want to live as long as we possibly can but we do want to be healthy and well otherwise the thought of living a long time is frightening.

Do you think you are healthy? Really, how do you know that? Just because we are not sick it does not mean we are healthy. How can you be sure there is no little cluster of rogue cells growing silently into a tumor somewhere inside your body?

How do you know there’s no silent accumulation of plaque in one of your arteries ready to rupture and cause a heart attack or a stroke? Or a slow buildup of plaque in your brain that might turn those ‘senior moments’ into bona fide Alzheimer’s disease in 10 or 20 years time?

If you seriously step back and examine all the “things” that you have put your body through, both in the past, as a child, teenager ….and in the present, as an adult, you will probably have a very thin argument saying anything other than that your body has been put through the ringer, big-time. Add to that a sedentary life style with little to no exercise, a poor selection of food choices and you have the furthest thing from any hope of living a long and more importantly healthy life.

What are the magic bullets that we need to achieve our aim of our health span equaling our lifespan? We might hope that science has discovered some new drug or diet to keep our immune system strong and fight off invaders and harmful diseases so we can live longer but the simple answer lies in our biology.

Our survival as a species was programmed over tens of thousands of years as hunter/gatherers. Our ancestors had a huge amount of activity in their lives every single day just to survive, and we haven’t changed at the cellular level. When we move in a vigorous way, we send messages to the cells that it is time to grow, time to replace the old, decaying cells with new, stronger, vibrant ones.

When we get this movement, muscles release substances into the bloodstream that tell the cells to remain strong. A proper exercise program is one of the silver bullets that can help slow down or even stop the aging process. Sedentary muscles release chemicals into the bloodstream programming cells to decay weakening the immune system. This exposes us to the risk of life threatening diseases that can shorten our life long before we get old.

If you are out of shape, are overweight or aging faster than you would like, you can change a huge amount of that through exercise. Vigorous exercise makes the cells strong and when the cells become strong, the whole body becomes stronger. This process of growth spreads throughout every cell in our bodies, making us functionally younger – a lot younger.

Not any old exercise will do this job properly; recreational activities like walking, jogging, swimming, cycling etc will not strengthen muscles significantly to reverse the process of accelerated aging. Your exercise program needs to consist of at least 60% strength training exercise to be effective. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Make a decision today, take charge of your heath and do not allow yourself to become old before your time.

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