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There are millions of people in the world who have been attuned to Reiki

And there are probably thousands of people who practice it as healers every day

We hear about different levels of proficiency and power as Reiki is divided up into different levels from level one , two and Masters level, and we are told that the band of reiki energy we receive and then can channel to other people increases as we learn new symbols and take in more energy.

I believe that this is so but I think we are missing out on one of the best tools to fully develop and open Up to the power of reiki .

My take on it is thus, I believe that reiki energy does flow through us from the universal love energy surrounding us and it makes its way into our clients

I believe that “flow” here is the operative word and when we are blocked in some way it will impede flow of this energy Through us and into our client

I believe that if we are blocked emotionally that the reiki energy will stay in our body mind, trying to heal us and only some of it will flow to our client

The key then to leting this energy flow through us would be to experience our emotions as they arise and breath with them as they dissapate

In so doing we free up space and create a hollowness that will naturally fill up with peace.

This peace is in my view the place where Reiki can flow through and be directed powerfully into our clients.

I wish you peace





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