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There are millions of people Today in the world that practise Reiki both on themselves and others. Those who have moved to level 3 on the Reiki scale are known as Reiki Masters and can teach the art to other people as well as practising the healing on people.

Many People I meet though ask me what is Reiki? What does it do? and where can I learn it? In this article I will seek to provide answers to these questions.

1)Reiki is an energy (pronounced “Ray Key”) that was discovered by a man called Master Mikao while on a meditation retreat in the mountains. At that time he managed to open up his crown Chakra and received a hugh amount of energy. What he discovered was a healing energy that he could use on himself and others that could be transmitted by touch. He was so exited by what he experienced that he was inspired to teach it to others. As well as healing, the Reiki energy could be transmitted from one person to another so that they could in turn become masters and heal other people. The lineage continues to Today.

2)Reiki is essentially a healing energy and success has been reported with using its energy to heal all manner of ailments. The person who receives the Reiki usually lies flat while the practitioner places their hands on their chakra points and transmits this loving energy into their body. People usually report feeling warm relaxed and tingly as well as reporting improvements with their problems.

3)People who want to learn Reiki usually go on a 2 Day course with a Reiki master who brings them through a variety of attunements so that they can transmit the energy as well as learning the hand positions and chakra points to enable them to do a treatment. The cost can vary from person to person but the minimum is usually around 300 euros where I live.




If you would like to learn Reiki but don’t have that kind of money to spend check out where you can become a Reiki master in 48 hours.

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