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Getting rid of hemorrhoids isn’t as hard as one would think. By following a few easy steps and altering the way you do a few things will help reduce the amount of blood flow to the area, resulting in a shriveling of the hemorrhoid. Eventually, within a few days, the hemorrhoid will fall off.

Eat More Fiber

The main cause for hemorrhoids is the straining caused by a hard bowel movement. If you diet is lacking in fiber, your stool will be much harder, causing you to strain. By altering your diet to include some fiber (either in the form of food or dietary supplement) you can loosen your bowel movements taking the pressure of the anal area.

Drink More Liquids

Again, diet plays a big part in the cause of hemorrhoids. However, it can also play a big part in getting rid of the hemorrhoids. Drinking more liquids (preferably water) will play the same role as fiber does in easing the pain, and straining, of a hard bowel movement.

Keep Area Clean and Dry

Infections thrive when the affected area is moist. This causes irritation from friction which results in itching. After every time you use the bathroom make sure the entire area is clean and dry. Don’t use moist towelettes or rough, course toilet paper. Try to find soft paper and dab at the area instead of wiping across the area.

Apply Gel or Hemorrhoidal Cream

In order to suck out the moisture and cease the flow of blood to the hemorrhoid, some doctors will recommend applying some petroleum jelly to the anal cavity. You can also achieve the same results with simple, over the counter hemorrhoidal cream. However, some people are too ashamed to go into the drug store and buy some.

Stay Active

One of the remedies which have been recommended in the past is no longer being offered. It has been prescribed to sit on a cushion or a “hemorrhoid ring”, but it is becoming increasingly recommended to actually get up and be active rather than to sit all the time. Sitting causes sweating, this results in increased irritation. While staying active, or walking, causes the blood to move to other areas and not resting within the hemorrhoid.

Hemorrhoids will not go away; on their own. It is necessary to treat them either with these remedies described or, in extreme cases, with surgical intervention.

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