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You might be asking why the Chinese pierce needles in their skin. You might assume that those are things for a circus or a masochist practice. Actually, the procedure is known as acupuncture, the poking of needles into the skin is a healing art, a medical treatment that really works.

Acupuncture is associated with Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) for a fact that acupuncture has its roots in ancient China.

How Acupuncture Works

Perforating fine filiform needles into certain points in the body is a technique used for acupuncture to alleviate pain or for therapeutic purposes. These points, according to TCM, are located where the qi or the life energy flows. Meridian is the term used for areas of energy flow.

It is in the twelve main meridians where most acupuncture points exist, which match up the vital body organs such as the kidney, liver, and lungs. There are various ailments can be treated through acupuncture. Popular in the West are the acupuncture for the treatment of painful conditions like arthritis and headache as well as acupuncture for weight loss treatment.

This ancient Chinese healing art was bombarded with numerous criticisms from scientists and Western doctors arguing that there is no anatomical or histological basis for acupuncture points.

But somehow studies demonstrate that acupuncture is effective for a number of conditions despite being considered by some as quackery. In the 20th century, a rigorous scientific research was carried out but still acupuncture was not well understood when it comes to its effectiveness.

A balance between yin and yang in the body entails good health in TCM. These are opposing forces that work together in synergy.  Yin and yang can be likened to dark and light, male and female, or high and low.  Femininity is associated to yin while masculinity is for yang.

The free flow of blood and qi are the most important aspects of TCM in acupuncture. Since qi has no equivalent term in English, it is hardly translated but more or less, it can be considered as a form of life energy.

In certain parts of the body, qi is sometimes excessive or deficient and at times qi in the body has stagnation. Draining the excess of qi, promoting its free flow, and replenishing it if there is a deficiency are the objectives of acupuncture.

To wrap it all, the healing art of acupuncture is remarkable. Its effectiveness in the treatment of various conditions can’t be denied even for scientists regardless of being alleged by some as quackery.

If you are suffering from a particular ailment, you can consider acupuncture for a 100% natural and safe treatment. For centuries, acupuncture has been practiced for good reason.

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