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Herbal highs are easily available and are legal in the United States and many more other countries. These natural highs are derived from herbs, herbal blends and herb extracts. A natural high is not same as the high derived from alcohol.

Herbal Highs and Tobacco
There are a few important things one should know before considering getting these natural highs. Herbs are not like marijuana or tobacco, the high gotten with marijuana or tobacco is completely different from the high which one gets from natural herbs. Important thing is to find out which herbs are smooth and which are harsh.

How To Start
The best way to start smoking these herbal highs is to start with small amounts. This way you will be able to decide whether you like its taste or not. You can start with sample blends as it will also make your body become accustomed to it.

Addictive Behavior
There are some herbs which are as addictive as nicotine and you might just become addictive to them but smoking herbs is better than nicotine intake and it may also help you overcome nicotine addiction.

Precautionary Measures
Before buying these herbal highs one should determine the ingredients and make sure that no additives and preservatives have been used. Do not buy any herb blend that contains root herbs as they are quite harsh to smoke.

Health Conditions
One should avoid using herbal highs if he is suffering from any medical condition, he should consult his doctor before getting high with herbs. Also pregnant women should not take herbal highs as it may be harmful for the baby. The most important thing is do not drive or operate any machinery while you are under the influence of herbal highs.

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