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What causes Hemorrhoids?

The causes of hemorrhoids are varied. Overall, however, hemorrhoids are caused by putting strain onto the hemorrhoidal vein either within or on the outside of the rectum, or anus. These veins, which serve as a great cushion while having a bowel movement, can not withstand much pressure without swelling. Once the swelling occurs you have a hemorrhoid.

The major cause of hemorrhoids would be straining during bowel movements. It is mostly believed that the hard straining, or hard stool, actually pushes the hemorrhoidal veins downward and out resulting in an external hemorrhoid.

Other causes that can lead to hemorrhoids are;

1. Pregnancy – Hemorrhoids during pregnancy is quite common because of the extra pressure placed on the rectum due to the unborn fetus within in the womb

2. Overweight – The extra weight carried on someone who is obese can place undue strain upon the hemorrhoidal veins resulting in hemorrhoids.

3. Prolonged Sitting – Staying seated for long periods of time over a much longer period can lead to hemorrhoids.

4. Low Fiber/Low Liquids Diet – Fiber has long been recommended to be a staple to any diet because of how it will soften your stool to make bowel movements much easier.

5. Liver Disease – People suffering from liver disease can develop hemorrhoids.

6. Excessive Alcohol Consumption – Drinking too much alcohol dehydrates the body of water, making your stool much harder.

How Can Hemorrhoids Be Treated?

Treatment for hemorrhoids doesn’t have to be costly, prolonged, or even require any direct medical attention. In the early stages, or in minor cases, you can treat hemorrhoids with simple home remedies or some over the counter medications.

1. Use natural herbs like aloe or witch hazel. Herbs, or plants, such as aloe and witch hazel have tremendous healing and soothing powers. Applied directly to the hemorrhoid you can have relief from the inflammation and irritation.

2. Increase your fiber and water intake. The key to treating hemorrhoids is to take away whatever it is that caused it in the first place. Softening your stool, with fiber and liquids, is a great way to do that.

3. Keep area dry and clean. A moist, dirty anal area will further inflame the hemorrhoid causing more pain and resulting in a more severe case. Use clean, soft toilet paper after every bowel movement and dab the area clean.

4. Move. One of the cause is prolonged sitting. So, adversely a treatment must then be to move around. Take the pressure off the area and cause blood to circulate by moving around more.

5. Seek medical attention. If you have let the hemorrhoid go and it thromboses, or gets worse, then you should seek medical attention. Hemorrhoids do not go away; on their own; and must be treated.

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