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As a Reiki master of many years, I have always been a strong promoter of the benefits of Reiki, where ever and when ever an opportunity arose to do so. 


Recently, I was reminded that one of the things that can be done with Reiki Energy, is application of this to objects in our environment, increasing their positive vibrations and influence on the environment.  Essentially loading an object with Reiki Energy, realigns the energy patterns of the object into a more positive pattern, while also increasing the field of positive influence around the object.  So if you want your home to feel a nicer place.  Apply some Reiki…


With this in mind though, I have been experimenting with one object in particular.  One which we all possess. My own physical body…


Now I know that you have likely been taught to perform self healing, using Reiki.  And by all means, do continue to do so.  However in this context, my experimentation has taken this just a little further.


As you probably know, when working with Reiki Energy you are transmitting energy, and the object (person) you are transmitting the energy too, decides how this energy is applied.  Yes, as Reiki practitioner you are likely also able to detect areas that require energetic realignment, however the actual realignment form and shape is managed by the recipient of the energy.  Essentially how the energy is used is up to them.  What is up to you, is getting the energy there…


And therein lies the crux of the my experiments.  Getting the energy there. And for lack of a better description I will dub my experiment “Reiki Energy Loading


For the past couple of months I have, as part of my morning routine, taken the time to fill me up. The process is fairly simple, so anyone with a little Reiki experience should be able to perform this with relative ease.


Start by relaxing your body (I find it very comfortable and easy to do this just before I get up in the morning, because I am nice and awake, but still fairly relaxed).  You can also use some breathing exercises to help you get there quickly, eg. 4 counts in, 16 counts hold, 8 counts out. (about 3 or 4 times is usually enough)


Next I find it useful to encapsulate my entire body including the space my ethereal body occupies, in my minds eye.  And then I just fill the capsule up with energy. 


And I suspect the order in which this will happen will differ from person to person, however the first indications of the presence of energy for me, are usually in my hands.  They start tingling just like when I am sending energy to another person or object. 


Now the nice thing is that you are able to generate, within this encapsulated space, the same level of tingling throughout your entire body.  And having a point of reference of what it feels like, makes it fairly easy then to load up by focusing on different areas of your body, filling them up with energy, until they feel just like your tingling hands.


I usually start from the bottom up, making sure that as I fill up (imagine a hosepipe spewing energy if you like) I sense the presence of the energy all the way through, not just at skin  level, but inside my body.  And then I just keep on going up until I am completely full up.  Tingling all over, inside and out…


With little practice you will even be able to detect areas with less energy than others, and so focus your loading attention on those areas.  And then just load them up as much as you have time , and skill for. 


If a specific area proves a little more challenging, move energy from an easier to fill area in there, and refill the easier to fill area.  Well all together, I must admit I find the experience very pleasant.


A few points that might be useful to know :

  • In the beginning I found it a little challenging to get my body loaded up fully. It was like the energy just did not want to come in.  It would go through me but not stay around in my whole body.  Just kind of channel through.

    To solve this, I found that doing a full chakra and body white light cleansing, cleared up the blockages and now before I start loading, I do a white light body cleansing as well as a full Chakra cleansing.  That is until the Chakra colors are what they should be.  Then the loading flow, everywhere in my body, gets a lot easier.

  • If you feel it difficult to find the energy to fill yourself up completely, firstly  know that you should not, because the universe has unlimited energy. 

    However, borrowing from some other spiritual practices, I have found that mentally building connections to the 4 elements of water (the nearest river or ocean), fire (the sun or the core of the earth), earth (just the ground underneath you) and air (which you breath in), all or one, helps a lot for sourcing energy to do the loading.  Initially anyway.  (I personally like the hosepipe connection, as it is easy to visualize the energy just flowing in…)

    You will also notice as you continue your practice, your reliance on these sources of energy becoming less, and less.  And not surprisingly, a simple breath carries so much energy you need not look for it anywhere else.


Anyway not dwelling too much on the challenges, if you need some motivation for doing this.  Here are some of the benefits that have become obviously apparent to me within 3-4 months of doing this daily :

1.                  After getting up, even if I did not get the greatest night of sleep, my body feels rejuvenated, and I am ready to go irrespective of my night…

2.                  My immune system has improved significantly and my body’s ability to process the typical usual flu, has increased exponentially.

3.                  My overall health has noticeably improved.  My low blood sugar hassles are seemingly heading to be a thing of the past. 

4.                  My mind is clearer.  I understand things easier, and better.  (A test for me here was, I do enjoy the odd puzzle game. And my success scores have improved by more than 50% since I started the loading.)

5.                  I have found that my ability to instantly access my Reiki abilities, in significantly increased measures, have become profoundly easier.  It’s like the energy is just right there, ready to go, on command.  And as I said, in significantly increased measures.

6.                  Because of the accompanying relaxation exercises my body feels less stressed, and seems also to cope better with the stress that is there.


In a nut shell I just feel better.  A lot better…


As a last point.  For those of you that do treat patients. It might be of value, once you have mastered loading yourself up a little, to do this for your patients as well.  Using your Reiki extra sensory perception, you should be able to quickly detect and manipulate the energy into your patient, once your usual treatment has been completed of course.  I do believe the benefit to your patients will prove immeasurable.


And in the mean time, fill up and enjoy.  It is really nice, and feeling better, and better, and then some more, is something that no money can buy…


Pieter Heydenrych is a Reiki Master and the creator of a Free Esoteric Library, which is a site dedicated to informing on all topics of an Esoteric Nature.

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