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Reiki, the universal life force which exists till where my thinking goes and beyond. Like every medical therapy  whether its ayurved,alopathic or any other have its own fundamentals .Reiki uses the most  basic attribute of lifefoce and that is energy  as its fundamental . Reki is a form to tantra.Tantra basically means a system, and reiki is a system of energies where the practitioner actually deals with the negative and positive energies, while the capability of directing this universal lifeforce lies in the thought process and flows as per the feeling ,intention and the ability of the practitioner or the healer.

Whether its physical, mental or spiritual, reiki works on all three levels purifying and perfecting the things. The purpose of the human life is evolution and every soul take birth and re-birth in different forms for this only purpose of endless craving for perfection. Here I have used the word “perfection” which holds its great significance in human life. Let me explain this concept with the ultimate goal of human life and that is moksha or enlightment . moksha means combining the human spirit to the universal and that is achieved through perfection of human soul . The difference between human and god is same as the difference between imperfect and the perfect . Perfection makes you universal that is the reason that Sachin Tendulker is called the god of cricket as he is near to perfection in this field. Reiki removes your imperfections one by one working on your physical, mental and spiritual level consistently .
Shiva and shakti or yin and yang or male and female energy combines together and complete the deficiencies created due to not understanding of our real nature as we are under the influence of maya or a form of veil , lifting of which reveals the ultimate truth. Reiki helps to lift up this veil and gives our vision the capability of seeing the macrocosm like Arjuna and lift the consciousness the highest level.
I advocate reiki to every living soul and to the ones who are still waiting to get themselves involved in the cycle of karma or the evolution process. Reiki which is channelized to the disciple by the guru or the preacher is the path in which you will find many guides of this world and the cosmos outside.


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