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Yoga practice and music are almost two inseparable entities. Yoga is an ancient spiritual practice that synthesizes the mind, body and spirit through proper breathing techniques, practice of different asanas and meditation. Music has the universal charisma of directing a human mind and body towards a a serene and amiable state. The sound and the tones of the music can delve deep into the human consciousness and evoke many moods and thoughts. Since early periods, music has been aptly complementing yoga and meditation practice. In contemporary times, there has been a little variation in the kinds of music that is played, yet, the essence has remained unchanged. There are many yoga DVDs and Yoga CDs available from which a yoga aspirant can benefit himself. The soothing melodies and the instrumental music pieces guides a yoga practitioner to a higher realms of tranquility and calmness.

Drums and the beats evolving out of yoga music plays a key role in regards to the connection of yoga practice. The beats of drums are far more than mere entertainment music. Rather, drums, in the realms of yoga, is an active tool created to assist a yoga practitioner in discovering effective ways. The profound effects of the drum beats aid a person to achieve mental clarity, emotional balance and deep relaxation. The music created by the drums when blended with ancient art of chanting mantras, evoke a deep spiritual feeling. This sensation and realization of the mystic insight will bring you close to self enlightenment.

Like yoga and meditation, the beat and rhythm of the drums calm, soothe and strengthen the body, mind and soul. The binaural beats and periodic tones of drums coupled with yoga asanas result in stunning outcome. With specific frequencies and various rhythms, the music of the drum relax the body and liberates the soul from the inner inhibitions. Sounds and tones of the drums and the practice of yoga together helps an individual attain a deeper spiritual experience. You can simply put in your headphones and listen to the drums beats as you practice yoga. This symbiosis of drum music and yoga can create the most desired brainwave pattern. In the process, these binaural beats result in very deep meditation. It can be thus derived that the drum beats also acts as an effective meditation music.

Drumming and yoga have been used since years. This duo awakens the energy, passion and drives the individual to attain spiritual goals. Drum beats that are used in yoga practice leave an impression which evoke mystic insight and the greater feeling of well-being. The senses are stimulated and relaxed and the practitioner experiences stress free and alert state. In the process, his creativity, clarity and intellect is enhanced. The unique sound experience of drums is further enriched by the drum music collection by Spirit Voyage. Spirit Voyage is an US based record label company which offers different CDS and DVDs for practice of yoga and meditation. The Drum music collection of Spirit Voyage includes artistes like David and Steve Gordon, James Asher, Suphala and others.

The myriad of yoga and meditation music collection of Spirit Voyage includes music for Kundalini yoga to Down Tempo and Chill Music, New Age Celtic Music to Instrumental Yoga Music for relaxation. The meditation music for Spirit Voyage are suitable for morning and evening dhyana. In addition to the spiritual music collection, Spirit Voyage also offers different yoga accessories like yoga rugs, yoga mats, yoga cushions and different malas and jeweleries. Different yoga and health and wellness books are offered by Spirit Voyage which assists an yoga aspirant to gain in depth knowledge on different kinds of yoga like Kundalini Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Vikrama Yoga, Sivananda Yoga and many more.

The beats of the drum enhance the healing states and help one increase the sense of harmony with nature and with oneself. Spirit Voyage, with its various kinds of yoga DVDs and CDs sends a musical invitation to all yoga aspirants to merge with the divine harmony of existence. The drum music in yoga is intuitively used to help a listening mind form a spiritual union with the mystic spheres.

The author writes of Spirit Voyage which is engaged in offering various kinds of yoga music and meditation music. The company offers different CDs and DVDs for practicing Kundalini Yoga and other yoga forms.

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