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It is always difficult to cure a drug addict completely, especially when the program is not complete. Medication is important, but so is behavioral therapy as well. Fortunately, drug rehab centers have sprung up all over the country to help these people heal from their drug addictions.

There are many reasons why one would get addicted to drugs. Some take drugs because of family problems, while others consume drugs just for fun. While drug rehab centers welcome drug abusers who turn up for voluntary treatment, research has shown that treatment can be effective even when the individual is not a willing participant. Sometimes, the addict doesn’t even recognize that he or she needs help. Friends and family members may encourage and sign up the affected individual for treatment, before the condition worsens. A severe condition that is left untreated can even be life threatening.

Bear in mind that the circumstances for every drug addict is different. Therefore, there is no one size fits all program. Different people have different needs. And it is the job of the professionals to come up with a program that will cater to the needs of the individual.

For instance, a program based solely on medication alone may not have long term results. This is because drug addiction is a habit. In other words, this becomes a behavioral problem. For the individual to stop taking drugs voluntarily after the program stops, the root cause has to be examined and dealt with accordingly. Therefore, many programs offer counseling on top of medication treatment.

In some cases, the challenge may be more severe. There may be a drug abusing problem coupled with mental (or emotional) problem. In such cases, medication alone will never be able to help the individual fully recover.

The drug rehab center will assess each case, and recommend a treatment plan. The plan can be inpatient, or outpatient, depending on the needs of the individual. Usually, inpatient (or residential) treatments are recommended for more severe cases.

Residential programs are very well structured programs as they are designed to heal serious conditions. They are also known as therapeutic communities (TCs). A lot of care and attention is given to the individual over a duration that normally lasts from 6 to 12 months.

Sometimes, mentally disturbed individuals may turn to drugs to seek comfort. They may even commit crimes and cause trouble for themselves and their family members. If they have a long history of drug abuse, perhaps a residential stay may be exactly what they need.

When choosing rehab centers, try to locate one that is near to the residential address of the addict. For instance, if the abuser is staying in Florida, simply make a search for rehab centers in Florida. There are two reasons for this. Firstly, family members can pop over if necessary to offer support. Secondly, there may be a need to commute to and from the rehab center if it’s not a residential program. In this case, it helps for the center to be near so that the addict turns up on time for treatment.

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