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People who are aware of the environment and know what is good for their health are aware of the various toxic build ups that are threatening the planet. From local water bodies to oceans, everything is being killed by these toxins. Microscopic lives, the fishes, are all dying. It is also affecting human life and people are suffering from the ill effects of toxic wastes.

Our body is constantly being bombarded with toxic metals like Nickel, Beryllium, cadmium, mercury, lead, aluminum, uranium, barium, arsenic, etc. Almost every major city has water supplies that contain contaminants like chloride and fluoride. Hence our bodies are deposited with these toxins over time, health complications arise out of them later.

The unhindered use of fossil fuels in the industrial plants all over the planet is causing us to be exposed to high levels of toxins. Superphosphate is being used everywhere for increasing crop growth but it also decreases the essential trace elements that are so important to us. The practice of monoculture also robs the soil of its nutrients and essential trace elements. The chemical pesticides that are used on the crops get absorbed in to the crops and reach our dinner plates quite easily.

These pesticides are also ingested by the livestock because of the run off that contaminates the pastures and the water. Their meat is thus contaminated and we are being exposed to harmful chemicals. On top of this, antibiotics are killing the good bacteria in our body and are causing the bad bacteria like e-coli to cause infections. The effects of all this combined is seen in the form of more illnesses, higher number of genetic disorders, food poisoning, premature aging, etc. These problems are only complicated by the over-refining and processing of food products.

So it can easily be seen that the hardest of efforts are not enough to ensure a toxin free diet. You can be very careful about your food and choose very wisely but the toxins are everywhere. The only safe answer to this question is Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth. DE is actually the fossilized remains of the shells of fresh water diatoms, which are found in abundance all over the planet.

DE is mostly silica and contains other trace elements and it can help you fight the toxins by trapping and eliminating the toxin deposits within your body. Studies show that with just one tablespoon of diatomaceous earth everyday, you detoxify your body in an inexpensive, safe and natural manner. It is completely organic and 100% safe to use; it is good for every member of your family.

Many people have been actively seeking a solution to combat harmful toxins. Diatomaceous Earth has been mostly neglected-untill now as more and more people are learning about this new solution.

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