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Life Balance Starts Here has a number of associations with a range of various clubs, related to Heath & Fitness, Self Protection, Energetics, Life Coaching, Qigong, Taichi, Personal Transformation and Business Coaching, and more.

LBSH's aim is to provide a central resource for people to be able to use to find support and assistance in achieving their desired outcomes in life. One of the challenges that we all face in today's life style is finding people who have the knowledge and can teach it to others.

The clubs and associations listed below we know already provide the highest level of support and care to their students and clients; with the highest level of professionalism and are well respected in their fields.

They are in various locations and suburbs around Melbourne, Victoria, Australia to cater to the needs of students and clients. To contact the club or association in your area please click on the links below:

  • E Bentleigh - Nutaofit MMA
    Head Instructor : Geoff Hutchinson NMAA East Bentleigh

    Health & Fitness, Self Protection, Alternative Healing, Energetics, Martial Arts
    To find out more details please check our info. page or contact us directly by email or phone

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  • Mordialloc - Club
    Instructor : David MacSporran Mordialloc Club

    Health & Fitness, Self Protection, Martial Arts
    Mordialloc is a thriving club based in Melbourne's South East. It is run by Master David MacSporran - 6th Dan Black Belt, with a wide range of programs

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  • West Footscray Club
    Instructor : Graham Campbell Lotus Club

    Health & Fitness, Self Protection, Martial Arts
    Lotus Martial Arts based in Footscray, Melbourne is run by Master Graham Campbell, 6th Dan Black Belt, whose unique talents offers many options to any student

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  • Woori Yollock
    Instructor : Peter Tomlinson Woori Yollock

    Health & Fitness, Self Protection, Martial Arts
    Golden Eagle is located in the leafy town of Woori Yollock on the outskirts of Melbourne. It is run by Master Peter Tomlinson, 7th Dan Black Belt, with a wide program for all students

    Contact Us T: 03 5961 5249
  • Kotan Australia
    Master Practitioner : Paul Mracek Kotan Australia

    Kotan Australia is one of the our partner sites, it covers advanced information and techniques for those who want more personally, professionally or in their business. They create value and transformational change in people and businesses very quickly so that they achieve the results they want now!

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  • Members Social Site
    Created by : Paul Mracek Members Social Site

    Members Social Site is now available to allow students to keep in contact and exchange comments,ideas and techniques. There is a lot of great info. there so come and join now.

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