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Welcome To Life Balance Starts Here – Overview Of Courses & Training

The follow information and pages will provide you with both general and detailed information on the services that LBSH has on offer. Our vision is that this will lead you to a different understanding so as to achieve greater mind and body balance. As in any art – real knowledge is a result of clarity of understanding and this brings better informed decisions.

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Overview of various styles of Yoga – Associate Website
This separate site provides a range of additional information about the various forms of Yoga, with a number of great articles and video clips to review. To return back to the LBSH site, use the back arrow in your browser!

Yoga – Associate Website… Read more here!

Club LInks

Find out more about a number of Associated Clubs that we recommend that are supplying a range of additional services for Health & Fitness, Self Protection, Life Coaching, Personal & Spiritual Coaching, Business Coaching, Martial Arts and a Members Forum. These associated sites provide great and professional services to suit anybody’s needs, so go now and check them out!
Club Links… Read more here!