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With the increase in popularity of colon cleansing, there have also been some new colon cleansing procedures developed. Originally, colon cleansing was used for the removal of waste that people believed was trapped in the colon. Then as the threat from this waste grew, so did the number of colon cleansing procedures. People developed the theory that if left over a period of time, the waste would become toxic and leak out into the rest of the body through a process called autointoxication.  With the spread of the toxins, people supposedly begin to experience a variety of symptoms including migraines, acne, fatigue, and other nonspecific aches and pains. These procedures have expanded to include techniques for cleansing the entire body and flushing out toxins.

Colon Cleansing Procedures You Can Perform Yourself

You can use enemas at home but these provide minimal cleansing. They only reach the lower one-third of the digestion tract and are mostly used to relieve constipation and to get rid of fecal blockages. These blockages occur often in the elderly or in those whose mobility is restricted due to illness or injury. Enemas are often used the day before some medical procedures that require a clean colon, as well.

Individual products or kits that contain everything you need for a colon cleanse are colon cleanse procedures that you can perform yourself. A kit should contain some type of fiber, a detoxifying agent, an anti-parasitic, and probiotics to help your body build up the good bacteria in your gut once the cleansing is completed. Some kits don’t have all of these ingredients, but they should. Herbal teas may be included in some kits and can be helpful in removing waste and toxins. If you buy the products separately, make sure you get everything that would if you bought the entire kit. The benefit of getting products individually is that you can choose which type you want for each step. You make need to take supplements, powders, or tablets, as well as drink teas. An important aspect to any type of colon cleansing products is that you drink a lot of water to keep the waste moving out of your body while keeping yourself hydrated.

Colon Cleansing Procedures That Require a Professional Touch

Although enemas are available to use at home, they are also available at some clinics and spas where you can have a professional administer the procedure. This is especially convenient if the person doesn’t have the dexterity to maneuver the equipment and insert the nozzle safely or if they have a medical condition that requires supervision.

Colonic irrigation is a colon cleansing procedure that is performed in health spas and in some specialized clinics. This procedure involves using sterilized water that is pumped directly into the rectum under low pressure to clean the colon. This is thought to be safer since you have a professional on hand for the duration of the procedure and they can monitor your vitals if you have special medical needs.

Whichever type of colon cleansing procedures you use, it is important to limit the procedure to a reasonable time and not to repeat more often than recommended. Any colon cleansing procedures can cause damage if used to excess.

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