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After giving birth, most likely you would want to engage into an exercise routine. However, the question is what to do with your baby while you are doing so? The most convenient and cheaper way is to utilize a wonderful product called Baby Jogger Stroller. All you need to do is strap the baby into the jogger. Not only you have bonding time with your baby but you will also burn more calories as you are pushing the Baby Jogger Stroller.

This product is intended for children whose age is between six months to five years old. This is so because the motion might be too jarring for little ones who can’t hold their head without help. If you want to exercise a younger infant then use a car seat. Just be sure that the baby is strap securely and the neck is well supported. There is quite a number of Baby Jogger Stroller available in the market today. Choosing one may not be an easy task. When buying one, it is best to try it out first. You can ask the seller to run it around the aisle or parking lot. This would help a lot in your selection.

If you are browsing, seek the top of the line stroller that is stable. It shouldn’t tip even if you are making sharp turns. There are other key elements to consider such as locking brake, harness, swivel wheel, handle bars with grip, and waist strap. If you are shopping look for brands like Dreamer Design Rebound Lite, Mountain Buggy Urban stroller and Phil & Ted’s Sport Buggy. When you are using the Baby Jogger Stroller, stick to the parks and areas where cars aren’t allowed. If you are planning to use it in a well traffic route, always follow rules of the road just like the ones applied to the car. Run with the traffic on the right side. Position yourself where you are visible to the cars.

Before heading out the dog, there are few things to remember. One is to never take your hands off the stroller. This equipment is designed to roll with little resistance so it can easily get away from you. When using it during summer, put sunscreen to block the sun. If the weather is cold and damp, always use extra clothes. Always be vigilant. Although the jogger stroller got advantages, it doesn’t come without the risk. Make the experience satisfying and safe.

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