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                       To-day, Science and Technology has made it advancement at the greatest pace. Yesterday’s innovation becomes obsolete to day. Human minds have to conform to the speed of technology by employing their intellect. In this process their mind becomes fatigue and ultimately it leads them to stress and strain. The doors of opportunity to relax do not knock at to them. This stress not only has its impact on them, but also on their sub ordinates, dependents and on the society as a whole.


                                Stress is described as a state of anxiety, strain, nervousness, tension, constant worry or pressure. It is what our bodies and minds experience in order to adapt to our consistently changing environment.

                                 According to R.S.Lazarus, stress arises when an individual perceives that he/she cannot adequately cope with the demands being made on them or when they perceive threats to their well being. Stress results from an imbalance between demands and resources.


                                  According to S.Palmen stress is the psychological, physiological and behavioral response by an individual when they perceive a lack of equilibrium between the demands placed upon them and their ability to meet those demands, which over period of time, leads to ill health.

                                   Mind loses its equilibrium when any external or internal problem strains it harshly. Consequently, its functioning gets disturbed and its harmony begins to diminish slowly or rapidly, depending upon the individual’s state of mental health. The person so affected for a long period, becomes mentally sick with intensity proportionate to the degree of harmony lost. As a result, the individual’s thought action, manner, and behavior and out look become imbalanced and take various forms and shapes of abnormal expression. This can involve persons of any age, of any sex, of any socio economic back ground and of any land.


                                       In order to make the methodological process of yoga comprehensible, a brief analysis about the causes of mental stress is essential. All troubles which affect the mind of an individual spring from three basic sources

                  i)    Nature

                  ii)  Society

                  iii)    Self

 In other words, the particular problem which strains and causes mental imbalance in an individual is Nature- oriented, Society- oriented or Self- oriented.

        NATURE:-  The stress from Nature could be in the form of some natural calamity, threat from certain animate creatures and the peculiarity of natural phenomena.

(Ex) Tsunami, Earthquake. Etc.,

         SOCIETY:-The stress comes from societal problems likewise, could be religious, ethnic, racial, economic, political etc., or also they might involve the varied problems of adjustments to certain customs, manners, way of life, etc., of a particular community.

  (Ex) Judgments in the rural set up

          SELF:- There could be countless problems of individual’s own creation, while arise because of certain beliefs, faith, notions, habits, manners and also because of some inner feelings, such as, hatred, jealousy, revenge, love, romance, likes and dislikes.

 EFFECT OF STRESS:-   According to Selye, stress is not necessarily some thing bad, it all depends on how you take it. The stress of exhilarating, creative successful work is beneficial, while that of failure, humiliation or infection is detrimental. Stress can sometime lead to severe health problems and in extreme cases, can cause even death.

             Stress gives positive as well as negative results. If it is an optimum stress

               i)     It helps us move to action

               ii)     Stimulating and exciting

               iii)    New awareness and out look

 So, for any work we are going to do or we are going to face any task, we should have optimum stress. If the stress level increases, the following physical and mental problems arise and disturb the individual. Stress indirectly and sometimes directly will affect the people those who are near and dear to him.

 Physical problems:-

                               i)  Severe Head ache 

                               ii)  Hyper tension

                               iii) Cardiac failure

                                iv)  Diabetes

                                v)  Strokes

  Mental problems:-

                               i) Distrust

                              ii) Rejection

                             iii)  Anger

                            iv) Depression

                            v) Insomnia


People with high stress usually feel poorly about themselves or the world around them. They struggle with inactivity, isolation and feelings of hopelessness.

 YOGA:-    Yoga is the restriction of the flections of consciousness. Yoga has a complete message for humanity. It has a message for the human body, human mind and human soul. Yoga sastra unmistakably recognizes the interdependence of body and mind. It prescribes exercises for both body and mind, so that the two might develop themselves in a spirit of co-operation to such a balanced psycho- physiological condition that they should cease to enslave the human soul. Yogis are convinced that thus freed from the thralldom of body and mind, the soul realizes the boundless existence of infinite bliss. 

                       Through constant practice of yoga, one can over come all difficulties and eradicate all weakness. Pain can be transmitted in to bliss, sorrow in to joy, failure in to success and sickness into perfect health. Determination, patience and persistence lead us to the goal.

                          It may be said that the goal of yoga is to bring about a complete harmony within the individual, due to the collation of the process of desire and achievement, as a result of realization of the futility of that process. It is a state of separation from misery and sorrow, a state of silence and peace. But it becomes almost impossible for most of us to attain such a state, because the minds of most of us are endlessly caught up in wishful thinking, seeking security, prestige, power, permanent and lasting pleasure and so on. We thus, forever carry a burden caused by desires, cravings, hopes and despairs, greed envy. It becomes very difficult to understand clearly how this burden and tension is essentially of our own making, because our beliefs, judgments and conclusions, hardly ever permit us to think in a free manner. We are conditioned by the beliefs that we unknowingly gather from our parents, friends, teachers, leaders and other influential members of the society. This process of conditioning has an overwhelming influence on almost every child born in the society. The goal of yoga is to put an end to this conditioning, society and grief. An individual, then, stops looking at the problems he confronts, through what others have said, and the starts understanding any situation as it is. But all this indeed remains beyond the grasp of most of us, because we lack sensitivity and simplicity of mind. It is therefore, that individuals who reach the goal of yoga are very rare in any society.



                                    The following are the selected yogic practices divided in the training package.


i)                    Meditation (observing breath)


ii)                   Ujjayi pranayama


iii)                 Paschimottan asana


iv)                 Bhujanga asana


v)                  Trikona asana


vi)                 Sarvanga asana


vii)               Dhanur asana


viii)              Hala asana


 Results of yogic practices


i)                    Stable autonomic nervous system equilibrium, with a tendency towards Para sympathetic nervous system dominance rather than the usual stress – induced sympathetic nervous system dominance.


ii)                   Blood pressure decreases (of special significance for hypo reactors)


iii)                 Sleep improves


iv)                 Somatic and kinesthetic awareness increases


v)                  Mood improves and subjective well- being increases


vi)                 Self- acceptance and self actualization increase


vii)               Social adjustment increases


viii)              Hostility decreases


ix)                 General health improves


   The above results help us to decrease stress.






i)                    Avoid peer pressure


ii)                   Proper exercise and proper diet


iii)                 Breathing control


iv)                 Relaxation techniques


v)                  Good sleep


vi)                 Calm, clear thoughts and quiet confidence


vii)               Building self confidence


                                   Research results in the recent days prove that yoga is a good remedy for stress. By strictly adhering to the above mentioned remedial measures, we, in turn practice yoga. The above remedial measures are part and parcel of yoga.


                                    The trend prevalent all over the world at present situation is that people are aware of the fact that yoga is indispensable for one’s safe and secured life. But it must be a compulsory practice at all levels from childhood to adulthood. It is imperative to make it a compulsory program from the budding stage of a child at the school till his/ her last breath.








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There are so many people practice yoga in America today. Millions of people joined in that kind of sport. So, nearly every gym or health club opened regular yoga classes.


Also, newspapers and popular business magazines all report this booming industry. Yoga is very popular currently. Given yoga’s current popularity, and the inroads it’s making in medicine, mental health care, corporate and so on. In America, the entertainment, yoga is poised to be a potent force in both personal and social transformation. It means that yoga own a high status in America. And it is helpful for your health.


Yoga has captured the imagination and spirit of America. Turns out the Indian mystics who sat in deep intoxicating states of meditation 5,000 years ago were on to something.



Yoga is original from India, but now yoga has crossed the borders of India, its original form has changed rapidly to fit contemporary needs. Americans are blending the ancient wisdom from the East – with input from medical doctors, physical and massage therapists, psychologists and dancers, in the West to create a sophisticated new movement practice.


Most people will think the yoga poses when they hear of that, the poses place the emphasis on the physical body as a vehicle for personal or spiritual growth. Never before in the history of yoga has the practice of physical postures assumed the importance that it has in the West.


If you have ever tried a yoga class with a qualified instructor, you’ll know how intoxicating the practice can be. Your body is opened from the inside out through concentrated breathing exercises, twisted and compressed to release muscular tension, then turned upside down to give your mind a new perspective of the world.


 Many popular sports are starting to a new kind of sport, they incorporate basic yoga movements into their warm-up routines, so that can prevent injuries, and strengthen the core and deepen concentration, while offering techniques to remain calm in stressful situations. All sportsmen want a healthy body and steady mind.


Take 10-15 minutes before you start your game, to warm up with a few yoga stretches. Your posture and stamina to play the game will improve. In a book said that, “The Art of Sequencing,” there are lots of examples of yoga sequences to practice, whether you are a beginner or you are skilled in yoga. The author highly recommend asanas, this gesture are the best one for you, which will build strength and flexibility in areas where the golfer needs it the most.


The experts of yoga will find out more specific yoga poses which can enhance your golf game, and your life.


                                           Golf Women Fashion, Stir Your Passion

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There are three reasons to take a Texas Defensive Driving Course. You have received a traffic ticket and want to have it removed from your driving record, you want to receive a discount on your insurance rates or you just want to educate yourself about driving safely. The course can be taken online, in a classroom or by taking home a video or DVD.

Current state law requires that no approved course can cost less than $25.00. If you are taking the class for educational purposes or to get an insurance discount, you may pay less than $25.00 but you may not use the completion certificate for dismissal of a traffic ticket. The course must be approved by TEA – Texas Education Agency. The course must be 6 hours long and you must attend all 6 hours to get your certificate of completion.

If you are taking the course to have your citation dismissed, you may only do so once every 12 months. You have to complete the course after you committed the violation and the court may dismiss only one charge for each course.

Before taking the defensive driving course to get your ticket dismissed, get permission from the court. A majority of the courts require you to ask them first and they have the final say as to whether or not your ticket can be dismissed by taking the course.

Texas law requires that you must not possess a Commercial Drivers License, you have to say that you are guilty or you must sign a statement verifying that you will not contest the ticket and if your ticket is for speeding, you cannot have been driving more than 25 miles above the limit.

If you have a driver’s license from another state and are ticketed in Texas, you still may be able to have your ticket dismissed by taking the Texas Defensive Driving Course. It will be up to the judge as to whether or not you can do this.

If you are taking the course to get a reduction in your insurance rates, check with your insurance company before you take the class to make sure they will give you a discount. The discount may be up to 10% of the liability portion and is usually good for up to 3 years.

After you complete your course, the course provider will mail you a completion certificate. They are not required to live in Texas, so your certificate may come from another state. By state law, the provider has up to 15 working days after your successfully complete the requirements to mail you a completion certificate. If you have a court date, be sure to take the course well ahead of your court date to be sure you receive your certificate in time.

You will receive two certificates. One is for the court and the other is for you to give to your insurance company. Be sure to keep a copy for yourself in case you switch insurance companies.

Follow these guidelines and the time and money you spend to take the Texas Defensive Driving Course will be well worth it.

You can save on your insurance when you have completed a Texas defensive driving course. Find out the easy steps to get started today at now!

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The modern bettor should have problem locating lots of online sports handicapping services.

In an effort to help the average person determine which handicapper to use we’ve looked over several services and written brief reviews of them. Some of those reviews appear below for bettors to use to evaluate services.

Doc’s Sports Service has been around since 1971 so it’s one of the most experienced in the business. Doc claims to have a network of highly informed handicappers with access to insider information working for him.

One good thing about Doc’s is the variety its site offers. This is the place for bettors who are looking for a lot of information to go. Odds reports offered include NFL odds, College football odds, NBA odds, College Basketball lines, NHL odds, weekly NFL odds, Sports odds and Doc’s rotation. Handicapping match reports for the NFL, NCAA Football, the NBA, NCAA Basketball, Major League Baseball and the NFL.

Also offered are the services of eight handicappers including Doc’s Sports, Vegas Sports Informer, Strike Points Sports, Allen Eastman, Indian Cowboy and Dave Busk. Most of the services available from Doc’s are subscription only.

One reason this site is to be commended is that it makes no idiotic claims about guaranteed winners. Instead it just provides information which bettors can use at their own discretion. The integrity these guys are offering is refreshing and should be the industry standard.

Vegas Experts operate a really slick site that concentrates on sports news as well as odds. This site looks pretty nice but its operators seem to be making various ridiculous claims. They claim that their picks are 100% guaranteed to win. How they will deliver on this guarantee is not explained. Since the operators of this site are making a claim they probably can’t make good on it’s probably a good idea to avoid the Vegas Experts.

Cappers Mall is a forum for <a target=”_new” target=”_blank” href=””><b>sports bettors and handicappers</b></a>. Members post information about the business and sports here. A lot of picks and good information is available here for free. is an online sports book that offers free picks online everyday. One advantage to this site is that it offers an easily accessible list of major games going on. Another great thing about this site is that it offers more than the major American sports. It also provides picks for the major soccer venues including the Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, and the Champions League. Also available are picks for golf, NASCAR and horse racing.

One refreshing aspect about this site is that its operators don’t make any ludicrous claims or offer impossible sounding guarantee. They just provide basic information and rely on advertising from various online gaming venues to pay the bills. is a very basic site that provides some picks mostly about football. This is a really clunky site that’s an antique by internet standards, however; it has a lot of great links to other handicappers, sports books and other great information. One good thing about is that it provides detailed information about specific games.

Mistina Thomson is the author of this article regarding <a rel=”nofollow” target=”_new” target=”_blank” href=” “>”>best sports handicappers , to know more about Sports Handicapping Monitor please visit <a rel=”nofollow” target=”_new” target=”_blank” href=” “>”>Sports Handicapping Monitor

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Yoga is the ancient art of maintaining a balance between mind, body and soul of a human being. Originated in India, this 5,000 years old Vedic philosophy has its prime focus on physical exercises and disciplined lifestyle. Yoga possesses the magical power of healing the mind from unnecessary stresses and help it to calm down and relax. And by doing this yoga helps to increase the spiritual senses of a human being. The main aim of yoga is to help an individual to establish the connection with the divine soul or the Almighty. Every forms of yoga like Kundalini yoga or Hatha yoga have their main focus on this. And if yoga can be practiced with some soothing yoga music then miracles can happen.

Another ancient practice is also there which is also practiced as a stress-relief work, this practice is known as Massage Therapy. Massage therapy is mainly used to reduce the high stress level that comes with modern lifestyle and to improve the blood circulation in the whole body by bringing oxygen and other nutrients to body tissues. From thousands of years ago, people have been opting for old healing method to combat the fatigue. But today it is applied to cure even many chronic diseases like depression, diabetes, arthritis, high blood pressure and many more. Good massage therapists enhance the result by applying scented oils, lotions and powders in massage. These items also reduce any friction on the skin. One can also incorporate some soothing music like meditation music, yoga music or other kind of devotional music to get the better result as music helps to relax the mind. But nothing can be best than massage therapy music offered by Spirit Voyage. This genre of music is just made for massage therapy and nothing else.

After a hard and tiring day, people return back to home with stressed out mind and body. At that time, a good body massage can relieve muscle tension and pain. It can also increase flexibility and mobility of the body muscles. With the help of massage therapy one can also clear lactic acid and other waste from the body which give relief from pain and stiffness in various muscles and joints. The huge collection of soothing massage therapy music and yoga DVDs offered by Spirit Voyage is just for those people. This music will help to ward off the tension and anxieties from mind and relax both mind and body. This relaxation music can also be played in massage therapy centers to get a better and quick result. The great fusion of natural sounds and instrumental sounds leaves a calming effect on human brain for a long period of time. The inspiring meditation music can also enhance your spa experience and provide you with sufficient energy to combat the daily stresses of life.

Spiritual music offered in the yoga DVDs available at Spirit Voyage are for all those yoga aspirants and beginners who want to learn and practice yoga at home. This pure devotional music creates the perfect rhythmic background music for each and every yoga poses or asanas. Meditation Drum by David and Steve Gordon, Epiphany by Manose, Ethereal Journey by Sat Kartar and many more are there to fill up the atmosphere with divine tranquility. Various DVDs like Kundalini Yoga on the Ball-DVD by Dr. Gabrielle Pelicci and Ashtanga Yoga: Short Forms by David Swenson are also available to help people practice other forms of yoga such as Kundalini yoga, Ashtanga yoga etc. Enjoy the spiritual voyage with this vast collection of soulful music and experience the oneness with the Divine soul within you.

The author writes for Spirit Voyage which is engaged in offering various kinds of yoga music and meditation music. The company offers different CDs and DVDs for practicing Kundalini Yoga and other yoga forms.

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If you are planning an exciting vacation, travel to Costa Rica for the best fun under the sun. Take courses in languages, and other activities taught by English-speaking instructors. Learn something new and have a great time on your vacation. There are a lot of things to see and do in Costa Rica. The beautiful beaches offer some great activities including water skiing, scuba diving, and turtle watching. Costa Rica has some of the rarest wildlife on earth. Travel to Costa Rica is simple and uncomplicated; you do not need a travel visa if staying less than 90 days. Most travel agencies have discount travel packages to meet every budget. Grab a board and go surfing, or sign up for lessons to get you riding the waves like an expert. There are many points in Montezuma that have great waves. Soft sandy beach areas with almost no rocks make this a great surf spot. Spanish is the native language of Costa Rica. In fact, the name Costa Rica means “rich coast” in Spanish. English and Spanish are spoken in the widely public areas used by tourists and visitors. Hotels and restaurants and other businesses are also bilingual. While in Costa Rica, why not spend some of your vacation time learning a new language or getting your scuba certification. There are some great places to dive in Costa Rica if you are already an experienced diver. For example: Montezuma is home to many volcanic and coral reef formations. Dive sites are abundant near the coast, including Tortuga Island (the Spanish word for Turtle) Aquarius, and Franklin Chang( the site of a shipwreck). Learning Spanish in Costa Rica is ideal as it will give you the real world experience of speaking a second language. Not only will you learn to speak Spanish in the classroom but you can use what you have learned right away. The best way to learn a new language is to be around native speakers of the language to hear the correct pronunciation. Enrich your vacation by taking classes in a native setting. Break away from the usual classroom experience by learning in a beautiful island paradise. La Escuela Del Sol in Montezuma, Costa Rica, offers classes in Scuba Diving, Spanish language, Yoga and Poi. Get scuba certified in 2 weeks and dive to some of the most beautiful places in the area. Swim with the fish, dolphins and manta rays. Most classes are completed in 2-4 weeks and food and lodging are included. Many people who travel to Costa Rica love it so much that they return year after year. Great activities to get into: Biking Snorkeling Kayaking Dolphin Watching Visit the Turtle Conservation Project Montezuma Waterfall Hike Horseback Riding on the Beach to El Chorro Waterfalls Scuba Diving at Isla Tortuga Deep Sea Fishing Hike to Cabo Blanco National Park

For an aesthetic experience about travel to costa rica and study spanish in costa rica, LaEscuela is the best place to visit. Besides, Costa Rica gives you the chance to escape from your routine life. What are you waiting for pal?

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It is widely known that practicing yoga can help you lose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle. While yoga is an all purpose body workout, perhaps no area receives more benefit than your core and abdominal section. Here are three popular and simple yoga exercises you can use to strengthen your abs and trim your waist line. They are the same ones used by yoga instructors all around the world. At the end of the day, who would not want to look like a yoga instructor?

Bhujangasan is the “cobra pose” great for the abdominal, back, shoulder, and arm muscles.
In order to do the Bhujangasan, you must first lie on the floor on your stomach. With your forehead touching the floor, place your hands underneath your shoulders. Next, try to use your back muscles to lift your chest. Hold this for thirty seconds. The result should look like sort of like a long “j” with your legs as the tail, your belly as the curve and your head high. Try to avoid using your arms lift your chest up. As you get stronger, you can try placing them around your waist instead of on the ground.

Dhanurasan is also known as the bow pose.
In order to do the Dhanurasan, you must first lie on your stomach. Next bend your knees and hold your ankles. As best you can, pull with your arms and lift with your legs. Try to keep your knees together. The result should look like a bow with your belly as the curve. Hold this for at least thirty seconds. At first try to gauge how many reps you can handle. As the practice days go by you will naturally get stronger and feel more comfortable to add repetitions.

“Pavan-Muktasan” is a stomach exercising asana.
In order to do the Pavan-Muktasan, you must first lie on the floor on your back. Once you lie down, take a deep breath in and hold. With your right leg remaining still, bring your left knee towards your chest and hold with your fingers interlaced. After that, bring your head to your nose; try to touch your knee. It is okay if you cannot do it all the way, but try to get as far as you can. After thirty seconds, slowly release your leg to its original position then exhale. Rinse and repeat for the right leg. As a variation, you can do this with both legs at the same time.

Lose Weight and Get Toned

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