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In consequence of many years’ experience and all-time accomplishing, yoga is a very healthy hobby as for beginners so for experienced sportsmen. Don’t forget, yoga is a 5000 years old science. Yoga benefits lie in the fact that it doesn’t anticipate a high strain but allows your body to get absolutely natural physical activity. As a whole mental and physical system yoga is a health activity as for physical so for mental part.

Yoga is a way of life, for those, who like it; yoga is not a system of bodily exercises and principles. Yoga benefits are evident. One simple recommendation: don’t overload. Yoga technique does not demand hard working. In fact, it returns no major effort. Trying hard will turn your practices into a commonplace, painful, even injurious training and will eventually deaccelerate your progress and development.

The most important thing in yoga is not how far you can reach to touch your heels, but how your body feels; how it moves without gnawing pain or overpressure! Yoga pays great attention to your regular breathing. Men of experience say that yoga is learning how to do things right, you should always do less that gets you more.

You see, by doing less you get more yoga benefits, it increases strength, energy, vitality, flexibility and levels of endurance. So, let’s take stock of some yoga benefits:

• Destresses and enhances powers of relaxation;
• Lends support in bodily injury rehabilitation;
• Intensifies pain tolerance and increases perspicuity of thoughts;
• Stretches and support the immune system;
• Normalizes myogenic tonus;
• Normalizes blood circulation;
• Results in healthy, glowing skin;
• Increases physical strength, bottoms and flexibility;
• Exercises concentration and self control;
• Promotes elimination and improves overall organ functioning;
• Kneads more positive outlook to life;
• Infuses a sense of harmony and the quiet of the mind.

Best of all, yoga has a highly healthful effect. Many doctors of various qualifications recommend it as an additional treatment for their patients. Yoga is effective for most psychosomatic diseases, as: allergies, anger, anxiety, back pain, cancer, chronic fatigue, constipation, gastro-intestinal disorders, headaches, heartburn, impotence, migraines, nervous tension, skin problems, stress, insomnia. It is also effective for musculoskeletal system and circulatory diseases, heart diseases, gynecological problems.

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