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Have you ever thought to ask the question, are parabens bad? Most people probably have no idea what these chemical agents are, what they do, or how it is that they can affect your lives. Everyone should be aware of these agents however, because what it is that they do to you is something should be of great concern.

These chemical agents are four parts of the same family, which are widely used as preservative agent in cosmetics formulas. You need to pay close attention as to whether or not the formulas that you are absorbing into your skin contain methyl, propyl, butyl, or ethyl parabens, because exposure to these four chemicals over an extended period of time could possibly kill you.

These chemical agents have been proven through the course of many clinical studies regarding there safety to cause the development of cancer. The executives of the cosmetics companies that use these chemicals will tell you that they are perfectly safe when asked are parabens bad. The evidence against them is difficult to deny however.

Cancer is not the only thing that these preservative agents could possibly do to harm you. They also have a powerful estrogenic affect on the body, which causes problems with your endocrine system. Although this is less harmful to you than the formation of tumors that these chemicals can cause, it is still alarming enough to question why these agent are allowed to be used in formulas designed to be absorbed by the skin.

When the question is posed to the heads of the European Union are parabens bad, the answer that you will get from them is yes. The EU has severely limited the use of parabens in cosmetics products, and in those being developed by the signers of the “Compact for Safe Cosmetics” there are none allowed at all. The Compact is an agreement between the EU, and the cosmetics companies to use nothing harmful in their products.

This why I would recommend only buying the formulas developed by the companies that have signed this agreement, before buying them from anyone else. Even those produced under the regulation of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration can be hazardous to your health, because the court system in the United States has ruled that the cosmetics industry their can put pretty much whatever they want into their products.

So, the answer to are parabens bad is an overwhelming YES! What you need to do in order to protect yourself from the negative effects of these and other potentially hazardous chemical agents is use only skin care formulas that are 100% all natural. Plant based compounds are the safest you can use, and they provide your skin with the essential nutrients that you need.

Now that you are aware of the answer to are parabens bad, you can begin to go through your products at home and dispose of those that are dangerous. Then you need to find some formulas to replace them that are developed with your best interest in mind.

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