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It seems like all products on the market for skin care have people that love them and people that hate them. Arbonne is no different. They are a company that distributes Swiss skin care, botanical products in the United States since 1980 through a network of independent distributors. Many of their products contain extracts from fruits, plants, leaves and other natural ingredients.

Arbonne has been criticized for the amount preservatives and praised for results, especially on their NutriMinC anti-aging line of products. The actual testimonies on that product line that you find on the Internet show that most users report the products can make you look ten years younger. That is pretty impressive, no matter how many preservatives you have.

In addition to the anti-aging product line, Arbonne offers health and weight loss products called Figure 8, and those products have also shown some pretty impressive results. One of the before and after testimonies on their website touts 61 pounds in 7 months, which is a gradual, yet fairly quick weight loss result.

Arbonne also offers acne products and products that are for radiance and hydration. These products have many people that are pleased with results, but there are some that have had rashes, probably due to allergies. This is going to be true of any skin care products, especially for those that already have troubled skin.

Some of the users have had rosacea and other skin conditions and have achieved results with Arbonne products, when they have tried all kinds of other products with no luck. I suppose it goes to show that there are certain products that are going to work better for certain people than others.

Arbonne does not have any unusually negative reviews other than concerns that the ingredients aren’t listed on the bottle, although, there is a paper that comes with the products that outlines what they contain. Besides the amount of preservatives they contain, some feel that they don’t contain as many natural ingredients as one might think.

Any kind of skin care product is going to need preservatives for shelf life to keep the natural ingredients from “spoiling or rotting”. The other thing is that Arbonne products might seem expensive to some, although they are in line with competitor products, and the ones that work would be well worth the money, if you get the desired results.

Arbonne offers several options for being involved, as a retail client, a preferred client that gets a 20% discount and a starter kit for $29, or as a consultant that gets a starter consulting kit, 35% discount and becomes eligible for bonuses and incentives. In all fairness to Arbonne, they suggest that you try their products first before becoming involved as an independent representative.

Many of the Arbonne distributors have done that and are very satisfied with the results they received from the products, which is a necessary part of being able to sell them to family and friends successfully.

Arbonne appears to have products that really do as they say for most people, and they also seem to have a network of believers that promote the benefits of their products, no matter what the “naysayers” say.

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