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Anti Diarrhea

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Diarrhea is also an indication that the digestive system is unable to absorb nutrients, salt and water from food which are subsequently lost from the body through the watery bowels.

Infected food is the biggest culprit, with water coming in second. Ice cream, cocktails served in re-used coconut shells, raw seafood, ice, and food from street vendors are potential risks that can interrupt your adventure with less salacious memories to pass on to family and friends.

Yogurt seems to be beneficial in maintaining or restoring the health of the intestinal tract. ‘In many countries along the Mediterranean Sea and in the Balkans, yogurt has been used for years as a remedy for infantile diarrhea by both laymen and physicians,’ wrote Dr Molly Niv, Walter Levy and Nathan M. Greenstein in Clinical Pediatrics.

The fruit varies and taste and texture range from crisp to mealy and can be sweet or sour, depending on the variety. The fruits have great anti-diarrhea and laxative properties, and although it sounds like a contradiction, both of these conditions can be helped with apples.

Eating citrus fruit and taking supplements can help to optimize levels of Vitamin C. However, the body will only take what it needs at the time and then excrete the rest. For this reason, Vitamin C can cause diarrhea if taken to excess. Large doses can also cause acid indigestion which can be avoided by taking the supplement with a meal.

Frustation occurs when you are told there is little to nothing that can be done besides taking anti-diarrhea and anti-spasm medications combined with a high fiber diet and fiber supplements. Yet, most note they are no better or even worse with increased fiber. If you have complained to your doctor that such agents seem to cause more severe bloating, gas, diarrhea and abdominal pain you are often scoffed at or told you are not being compliant. Little did you or your doctor know that increasing fiber intake can make you worse if you are gluten intolerant.

The result of a clinical research is stunning and reveals facts about research patients who were treated with Prozac. According to this, 21% of its research patients felt nausea, 20% got headaches, 15% of the test subjects experienced anxiety and nervousness, 12% of the subjects complained of drowsiness, 12% reported diarrhea, 9.5% dry mouth, and more. In addition, 43% of men and women taking clinical antidepressants reported reduction in sexual appetite or libido.

Ginkgo is another supplement meant to increase brain functions. This product is from the ginkgo biloba tree. Aside from brain functions, this supplement is also known to stabilize cells and metabolize glucose and oxygen. Side effects like vomiting, diarrhea, dizziness and bleeding might occur. This supplement is also prohibited to pregnant women if not under doctor’s recommendation.

Goldenseal is a good diarrhea remedy because it has a natural anti-diarrhea effect. Goldenseal helps to return the muscular action within the colon back to normal. This natural anti-diarrhea effect, is not only good at treating diarrhea, but is also good at treating constipation.

Chamomile is good diarrhea treatment because of its anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic and muscle relaxing properties. These properties of chamomile helps it to relieve intestinal spasms, irritation and inflammation associated with diarrhea.

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