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The mission statement of Amazon Thunder says that they aim to provide the purest organic products made with the fruits of the Amazon to all those who are in need of an amazing healthy solution. They strive to do this by providing only the purest, completely kosher and organically certified acai berry products. They also have the byline “a taste of quality and health” for their company.

Amazon Thunder implements the highest levels of standards and enforces the strictest methods of ensuring quality control and cleanliness. Aside from making sure that their products are completely pure, organic and kosher, they also ensure that they are able to contribute to the environmental preservation of the rainforests and jungles of Brazil.

The company was established by Robert Todd and his wife Jeanette Reum. Robert has always been in constant search of the latest in optimum health supplements, being a former Golden Gloves Boxing Champion in Nevada. Through having a partnership with the Brazilian cooperative which provides jobs and housing for the members of the Amazon Rainforest community, they are not only able to have access to purest and healthiest acai berries but are also able to contribute to the local economy. As a company, they are focused on providing the best health products, while ensuring excellent customer service and total preservation of the Amazonian community and environment.

Ever since the acai berry was discovered, it has been considered as the most nutritious food which has been used in numerous products being sold in the market today. The acai berry fruit is harvested from a certain species of palm tree that grows in Brazil, near the Amazon River. This is exactly what Amazon Thunder makes use of in their acai berry product offerings, unlike some of the acai berry supplements and products which are imported from China which have a lot of added artificial ingredients and preservatives that dilutes the nutritional properties of the fruit.

Amazon Thunder offers acai berry pulp which is 100 percent pure and is completely organic and kosher. They import acai berry pulp which has been freeze-dried and then processed in high quality facilities in the US that have been checked by the USDA and the FDA. They are then made into acai berry pulp puree, capsules and acai berry powder. You can drink it as a juice or as a smoothie mixed with other fruit juices, you can take it as a daily health supplement or you can sprinkle the powder on your food to add to its nutritional content.

Some of the benefits that their acai berry products offer include: a boost in your energy levels; stronger immune system; helps in lowering blood pressure and cholesterol; helps in a variety of inflammatory conditions such as arthritis and fibromyalgia; helps in improving sleep quality; high levels of omega fatty acids which are great for those who are planning to lose weight; high amount of antioxidants to help in flushing harmful toxins and free radicals out of the body; improves the overall wellness of the body.

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