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With the number of acai berry products available in the market today, it could be quite difficult to distinguish which one would be made with only the best and purest ingredients. One of those manufacturers would be Amazon Thunder. Many consumers are choosing to purchase the products of Amazon Thunder, as they are all certified 100 percent pure, organic and kosher, which would mean that they offer the best way to get the health benefits of the acai berry.

The acai berry fruits are harvested from deep within the rainforests of Brazil near the Amazon River. It has been used by the natives and the tribesmen living in Brazil for many centuries. They have used it as a food source and as medicine for common illnesses. The discovery of the modern scientific and medical world of the acai berry has only been recent, but since then, a lot of studies and research have been done which all supported the fact that the acai berry does wonders to the body, keeping it fit, youthful, healthy and full of energy because of the ingredients that it has. Its nutritional content is actually incomparable to any other fruit today.

After the discovery of the acai berry, Amazon Thunder started offering the purest acai berry pulp in the market today. It is made from freeze-dried pulp that has been imported from the jungles of Brazil, where the acai palm tree is abundant. After that, it is brought to the top quality facilities in the US which have been certified by the USDA and the FDA.

The Amazon Thunder Acai Berry Pulp products are certified kosher. However, this does not mean that their products have been blessed by a rabbi. It basically means that their products follow the dietary laws of kosher in that they have all been prepared in a very sanitary environment.

With the Amazon Thunder berry pulp, all the processes from to initial to the final one are very sanitary. Since the kosher law dictates that the fruit should not contain bugs or worms now and in the past, you can be sure that the acai berry products offered by Amazon Thunder are very hygienic. Also, if any pan or utensil comes in contact with something that is non-kosher, then it would no longer be kosher. This just means that their products are prepared under the world’s most sanitary conditions.

Aside from being a hundred percent kosher, the Amazon Thunder acai berry product line is also a hundred percent organic. This means that they have not been exposed to any kind of fertilizer or pesticide or any other chemical substances and environmental toxins.

Aside from offering acai berry pulp which is a hundred percent organic and kosher, you can be sure that it is completely pure, without any added artificial ingredients such as sugar, syrup and cornstarch, which can be found in the other acai berry products being offered in the market. Amazon Thunder also makes sure that it gives back a little something to the rainforests of the Amazon. Since the acai berry palm tree is renewable, there is no danger to the environment in any way. They have also provided a lot of contributions to the local economy where the acai berries they use are harvested.

Try taking the Amazon Acai Berry Pulp today and experience the difference in the way you look and feel.

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