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Chronic fatigue syndrome is a relatively new disorder that at this time has no known proven cause or cure. This does not mean that this condition is untreatable though. There are a number of prescription medications that a doctor can prescribe for the condition but for many people finding an alternative treatment for chronic fatigue syndrome will help alleviate the symptoms as well.

One of the predominate symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome is depression. Many people turn to alternative herbal treatments to help their depression, using such herbs as St. Johns Wort or drinking green tea, instead of using prescribed anti-depressants. Other people turn to weekly massage therapy as a way to help relieve their symptoms. Relieving stress and muscle relaxation has been shown to immensely help those who suffer from this disorder.

Before starting a chronic fatigue alternative treatment be sure to talk to you doctor first. This is of particular importance if you are already taking prescription medications for your condition. Many herbal treatments can react badly with more main stream prescription drugs, making the condition much worse. For instance it is not recommended that someone taking anti-depressants also take St. Johns Wort. St. Johns Wort can have dangerous interactions not only with these types of drugs but also other prescriptions as well. This is why it is important to discuss any and all treatment options with your doctor. Done correctly alternative treatments are a safe and viable option for those with chronic fatigue.

Another thing to consider is that chronic fatigue seems to affect everyone who suffers from it differently. Because of this it will sometimes take some trial and error when it comes to finding an alternative treatment that works for your specific symptoms. One thing to remember is that natural or herbal treatments need to a supplement to eating a healthy diet and getting regular exercise. Keeping your body’s immune system healthy is vitally important to fighting the symptoms of chronic fatigue.

Finding a chronic fatigue alternative treatment may take some time trying to find the correct regimen for your symptoms. Pay close attention to how your body reacts to changes in treatments, food and exercise. By doing this you will be able to find a treatment that works most effectively for you.

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