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There are three reasons to take a Texas Defensive Driving Course. You have received a traffic ticket and want to have it removed from your driving record, you want to receive a discount on your insurance rates or you just want to educate yourself about driving safely. The course can be taken online, in a classroom or by taking home a video or DVD.

Current state law requires that no approved course can cost less than $25.00. If you are taking the class for educational purposes or to get an insurance discount, you may pay less than $25.00 but you may not use the completion certificate for dismissal of a traffic ticket. The course must be approved by TEA – Texas Education Agency. The course must be 6 hours long and you must attend all 6 hours to get your certificate of completion.

If you are taking the course to have your citation dismissed, you may only do so once every 12 months. You have to complete the course after you committed the violation and the court may dismiss only one charge for each course.

Before taking the defensive driving course to get your ticket dismissed, get permission from the court. A majority of the courts require you to ask them first and they have the final say as to whether or not your ticket can be dismissed by taking the course.

Texas law requires that you must not possess a Commercial Drivers License, you have to say that you are guilty or you must sign a statement verifying that you will not contest the ticket and if your ticket is for speeding, you cannot have been driving more than 25 miles above the limit.

If you have a driver’s license from another state and are ticketed in Texas, you still may be able to have your ticket dismissed by taking the Texas Defensive Driving Course. It will be up to the judge as to whether or not you can do this.

If you are taking the course to get a reduction in your insurance rates, check with your insurance company before you take the class to make sure they will give you a discount. The discount may be up to 10% of the liability portion and is usually good for up to 3 years.

After you complete your course, the course provider will mail you a completion certificate. They are not required to live in Texas, so your certificate may come from another state. By state law, the provider has up to 15 working days after your successfully complete the requirements to mail you a completion certificate. If you have a court date, be sure to take the course well ahead of your court date to be sure you receive your certificate in time.

You will receive two certificates. One is for the court and the other is for you to give to your insurance company. Be sure to keep a copy for yourself in case you switch insurance companies.

Follow these guidelines and the time and money you spend to take the Texas Defensive Driving Course will be well worth it.

You can save on your insurance when you have completed a Texas defensive driving course. Find out the easy steps to get started today at now!

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