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Metabolic Syndrome (sometimes called Syndrome X) is a relatively new term to describe a cluster of conditions that can put you at high risk for major diseases. This condition is on the rise especially among adults who are inactive or sedentary and who have gained fat around their midsections. Estimates range from 25 – 40% of adults age 40 and older, and many of them don’t even know it.

Having this condition can explain why you frequently feel tired, fuzzy-minded and sluggish. Are you continuing to slowly gain weight and finding it difficult to lose? Is your blood pressure slowly creeping up year after year and blood fats and sugars are doing the same? You may be feeling and seeing your health spin out of control without knowing why. It can also explain why you are aging at a faster rate than your peers.

Although these are all accepted signs of aging, they are also all of the symptoms of Metabolic Syndrome which can set the stage for catastrophic health problems, such as heart disease, cancer and diabetes. This process develops slowly over time, often over a course of 20 – 40 years or more, often remaining undetected until symptoms of ill health appear.

Getting older, gaining weight, and being sedentary and inactive all contribute to this eat-too-much, exercise-too-little syndrome that you literally eat your way into. Diets low in fiber, high in calories, full of saturated fat, and loaded with foods that boost blood sugar quickly along with a lack of regular physical activity contribute to Metabolic Syndrome. Although anyone can develop it, you are much more likely to get it as you get older.

Check your waist size. If you are carrying extra kilos and your waist size measures greater than 102 cm for men, and 89 cm for women you are even more likely to have it

As one gains weight, one’s body becomes more insulin resistant which is the body’s way to resist excessive sugar and carbohydrate levels. Quite simply, we are overdosing on glucose (sugar) and insulin – two substances which in high doses accelerate the aging process. The effect of this on our bodies is that it devastates virtually every cell and organ system and encourages the onset of diseases.

Because of the highly refined, processed carbohydrate foods we, as a whole population, now eat, our bodies’ levels of glucose and insulin have gone out of control. Such high carbohydrate foods include packaged cereals, sweets, breads, pastas, cakes, biscuits and soft drinks and all processed and refined foods that contain sugar.

Extra body fat is at the center of this disease, and for most people, there is a very simple cure. The solution is to consume a consistent, balanced diet of whole natural unprocessed foods – in moderation, and most importantly, adopt a real commitment to a proper exercise program.

Strength training exercise should be included to build and tone muscle that will raise the resting metabolic rate (the rate your body burns fuel). This allows the muscle, in essence, to work away on reducing the body fat 24/7 even while you are resting. Strength training also reduces the dangerous hormonal responses that are associated with an accumulation of abdominal fat deposits that contribute to this nasty condition.

Years ago, we may have believed that we were healthy despite regularly engaging in an exercise program. Now, we know better and higher levels of activity, strength and fitness will protect you against developing this silent growing epidemic called Metabolic Syndrome.

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