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Women everywhere are finally accepting strength training exercise as the tool they need in the battle against body fat. There is no other exercise or activity that will provide so many benefits for women. Strength training is unmatched in its ability to give you a lean, strong, firm, shapely, energetic body no matter what your age is.

Here are the top 12 benefits:

1.) Increased metabolism ? the body’s engine where body fat is either burned for energy or stored as fat. You can alter your body’s chemistry to burn fat long after the exercise session is finished with the right exercise.

2.) Gives our body greater muscle strength, muscle tone and firmness – so we function better and look so much better. Firmer more toned muscles even help to pad out our skin so wrinkles disappear.

3) Increasing and restoring bone density and strength – prevent and fight osteoporosis by building and maintaining strong bones. Only strength training will do this, low intensity activity like walking is not intense enough to work the muscles that are attached and challenge the bones.

4.) Boosts our body’s stamina, energy and endurance ? so we can breeze through our daily chores and activities and have enough energy left over to do something we enjoy.

5) Improved Balance- strong leg and core muscles help stabilize us and reduces risk of falling with better co-ordination and balance. If we do fall strong muscles act like cushions around bones and joints helping to protect them.

6) Decreased risk of disease- when the entire body is strengthened the immune system is strengthened also. Muscle tissue is where the proteins are stored that the immune system calls upon when needed. A stronger immune system reduces the risk of disease especially the ‘big three’ heart disease, cancer and diabetes.

7.) Increased lean muscle tissue ? this is your friend as it will help you lose excess weight or help you manage your weight. Every extra pound of muscle tissue burns 35-50 extra calories each day. You would not even notice a few extra pounds of toned muscle but you would notice how slimmer and trimmer you will become.

8) Injury Prevention- a solid foundation strengthens our bones, ligaments, and tendons. Use strength training to recover to aid rehabilitation and recovery from an injury by slowly building your strength around the injured area.

9) Enhanced performance in sports, exercise and life in general- climbing stairs, carrying the kids or the groceries. Everything we do becomes easier and more enjoyable when we are stronger and fitter.

10.) Increased mental health ? Boost your alertness, concentration and focus, reduce anxiety and depression and improve overall mood and attitude when you improve you health with proper exercise.

11.) Getting older becomes easier – strong muscles build a strong body. A strong body also has a strong mind to counter the effects of the aging process. Strength training and fitness keeps aging bodies in good-working condition.

12) Feeling better and looking better- strength training reduces overall body fat, tones our muscles and helps us to feel good building confidence and maintaining a healthy self esteem. These things are important to live our life at our full potential.

These 12 top benefits all come for free when you begin a proper strength training routine.

Get started right away so you don’t miss out of these priceless health benefits that will give your life extra vitality, vigor, and get-up-and-go so you can make the most of it.

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