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Although it is too early to make any actual health claims for reseveratrol (a substance that is found naturally in red wine grapes, some nuts, and other plants), science is showing signs that this substance may have a beneficial effect on at least ten health issues.

Here are the 10 POSSIBLE benefits of resveratrol that are being heavily researched.

1. Resveratrol may help us live Longer. In fact, some studies are suggesting that we may gain an extra 20 years or so over today’s normal life expectancies.

2. Resveratrol may slow the aging process, which will help us enjoy the extra years more. Although many want to live longer, they want to live well during their old age. Research indicates that it may be possible to “feel like a 60 year old when one is 90”. While that may not seem like much, ask any 90 year old today if he or should would like to feel 60 again, and I bet you’d get a lot of enthusiastic “yes’s”.

3. Resveratrol is an antioxidant, so may provide additional antioxidant benefits. This one is pretty much a given. Since resveratrol is an antioxidant, positive benefits already exist, but time and research may prove to offer even more benefit.

4. Resveratrol may prevent cancer or slow cancer growth. Obviously, this would be HUGE, and yet, the research is starting to indicate that this may end up being a reality. We can’t say this with certainty yet, but the potential is there.

5. Resveratrol may induce better athletic performance and endurance. Animal tests show this to be the case, but we don’t know how this will translate in humans yet. Looks promising at this point, however.

6. Resveratrol may prevent alzheimer and other neurodegenerative diseases. Since tests indicate that resveratrol may reduce brain plaque buildup, we may see significant reduction in these types of diseases some day.

7. Resveratrol may provide radiation exposure protection.

8. Resveratrol may lower blood sugar and prevents diabetes. Since diabetes is on the rise, this would be a significant breakthrough.

9. Resveratrol may prevent heart disease. It goes without saying that this would be another extremely exciting benefit. There are actually quite a few reasons why resveratrol might contribute to the prevention of heart disease. Research is evolving rapidly in this area.

10. Resveratrol may reduce bad cholesterol and increase levels of good cholesterol.

The tests and research on resveratrol are being performed at universities and laboratories across the world. Despite the fact that more tests are needed, most of the research is pointing towards extremely positive health benefits of resveratrol. Within 5 years, scientists predict that we’ll be able to take full advantage of this research, however, that doesn’t mean we have to wait 5 years to begin utilizing resveratrol. It is already available from several sources in dietary supplement form.

Before taking any supplement, read labels, stay informed, and consult with your physician. Make smart choices for better health.

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