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26 Jan

Yoga In Stress Management

Posted by at 5:07 am

YOGA IN STRESS MANAGEMENT By Dr.J.Rajakumar                        To-day, Science and Technology has made it advancement at the greatest pace. Yesterday’s innovation becomes obsolete to day. Human minds have to conform to the speed of technology by employing their intellect. In this process their mind becomes fatigue and ultimately it leads them to stress and strain. […]

25 Jan

Yoga-warming up before your sports

Posted by at 8:22 am

There are so many people practice yoga in America today. Millions of people joined in that kind of sport. So, nearly every gym or health club opened regular yoga classes.   Also, newspapers and popular business magazines all report this booming industry. Yoga is very popular currently. Given yoga’s current popularity, and the inroads it’s […]

24 Jan

All About Taking A Texas Defensive Driving Course

Posted by at 3:25 pm

There are three reasons to take a Texas Defensive Driving Course. You have received a traffic ticket and want to have it removed from your driving record, you want to receive a discount on your insurance rates or you just want to educate yourself about driving safely. The course can be taken online, in a […]

23 Jan

Sports Handicapping Services

Posted by at 5:07 pm

The modern bettor should have problem locating lots of online sports handicapping services. In an effort to help the average person determine which handicapper to use we’ve looked over several services and written brief reviews of them. Some of those reviews appear below for bettors to use to evaluate services. Doc’s Sports Service has been […]

What Makes Us Unique

  • Multi modality approach that provides you with a set of tools to use!
  • Energy explained and shown in simple, practical and real ways..with no fluff!
  • Acupressure to help you and your patients using the "Masters Secret Points"
  • Yoga Plus is a practical system developed to build core strength and fitness, and increased your energy keep you going all night long!
  • Taiqi Qigong is an amazingly simple and effective system that increases both your fitness and energy levels...great for the busy person who wants something they can learn and do quickly with fantastic results!
Training programs for beginner, intermediate and advanced are extra-ordinary; nothing is held back!I highly recommend getting along and doing these courses, you will be blown away.
- Paul Mracek, Kotan Australia

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